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i2C Powers American Express Payment Network for Fintechs and FIs Around The Globe


I2c Inc, a US agency that provides digital payment and banking technology, today announced an expanded global, multi-product agreement that allows Fantix and financial institutions around the world to make payments to consumers and businesses on American Express. Enables innovative solutions to be developed and scaled. Global Payments Network The agreement indicates that work is also underway to accelerate the launch of innovative products by building a plug-and-play onboarding platform with the American Express Network ‘always open for business’ phenomenon.

The Amex / i2c platform also gives Fantix access to the unique and enhanced benefits of American Express, which has a tailored capability of its own, with exclusive access to Amex offers, race dining programs, and pre-ticket sales, as well as leading the way. It also includes the ability to protect and reduce fraud. With i2c and American Express, fintech will have access to pre-certified partners, including bank-issued BIN sponsors, making it faster and easier to market their payment innovations. Muhammad Badi, President, Global Network Services, said:


This platform enhances our existing access to new customers and partners, enhances our network better and more dynamically, and allows us to move into new and emerging areas. Amir Wayne, CEO of i2c Inc, said, “The appeal of American Express brand and benefits, along with i2c’s plug-and-play platform, makes this program suitable for visionary fantasies and financial institutions.”

Together, we look forward to offering a unique global solution, as well as features that add value to end-users, tailored to the spirit and demand of financial innovators around the world. Relations between American Express and i2c first began in Latin America and the Caribbean and will now spread to North America and other countries. Recent fantastic collaborations with American Express via i2c include Keto American Express Card (Mexico) and Black American Express.

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