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Huawei Develops Self-Driving Bicycle


When you talk about innovation in the tech sector you simply cannot leave Huawei off the list. The Chinese multinational company has interpreted autonomous driving systems into a bicycle! Yes, you heard that right. Huawei engineers have developed a self-driving bicycle that can completely operate on its own. The great thing about this unique invention is that it can stand on its own on the narrowest surfaces.


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Moreover, there are a number of advanced features that make it even more impressive such as high-precision sensors, AI technology, image recognition cameras. All these features help to make autonomous driving possible. There is also a network of perception sensors in the bicycle making with a chip that enables the bicycle to function as a brain.  The idea of the bicycle was brought forward by a Huawei Engineer himself who got injured during a bicycle accident. The bicycle can function for up to 3 hours on the 6S model airplane power lithium battery

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