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Honda Announces Another Price Hike for its Bikes


Atlas Honda Company has announced a huge increase in the prices of its best bikes as before. This is the third increase in Honda prices in 2022, the highest ever by a motorcycle maker. Pakistan’s bike industry has achieved more than 90% localization. This means that most of the structural and mechanical parts of motorcycles are made in Pakistan only, while only a few can be imported.

These claims seem to be true because Pakistani motorcycle makers manufacture and sell basic products. However, despite this, all the companies continue to increase the prices of their bikes.
Pakistan’s motorcycle industry, despite being highly profitable and successful, deprives people of new and improved products. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Atlas Honda has introduced some more significant increases in fees for its bikes.

This is Honda’s third rate hike in 2022, which puts it in the lead in terms of the charge increase announced by the motorcycle manufacturer so far.
The CD 70 motorbike is suggested to be sold at Rs. 102,900 against its current price of Rs. 99,900 with a difference of Rs. 3000. Similarly, model CD 70 Dream has a revised price of Rs. 109,500 against its old price of Rs. 106,500.

Furthermore, Honda Pridor has also experienced a price hike of Rs. 3,000 with its new price being Rs.139, 900

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