Home Business Haier Launches Digital Inverter Refrigerator Series

Haier Launches Digital Inverter Refrigerator Series

Haier launches digital inverter refrigerator series in Pakistan


Haier – the leader in the home appliances market in Pakistan, introduced Refrigerators with digital inverter technology. The innovative Digital Inverter Compressor saves energy and preserves food longer, keeping electric bills lower.

Digital inverter compressors in modern-day refrigerators gradually increase and decrease their speed, depending on cooling requirements. Unlike standard compressors that always stay on and off, digital inverter compressors operate at variable speeds. These compressors run sometimes slowly, sometimes faster, and do not struggle to manage the temperature inside the refrigerator.

The leading appliance company works with a vision to transform people’s lives by creating better living opportunities.

Haier works in a way that focuses to promote sustainable development and, in this regard, it has launched a new Digital Inverter + Refrigerator Series in Pakistan referred to as the real ‘Freshness Expert’. With a plethora of technologically-advanced features, the new series features three vibrant colors including Red, Green & Purple.

Repeatedly, the home appliance company proves that it is the only brand that addresses the needs of the consumer making it comfortably, the Market leader.

Haier Digital Inverter+ Real Freshness Expert

The Digital Inverter Series is one-of-its-kind and has already become the talk of the town within a few days of its official launch. Unlike conventional refrigerators that are capable of keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for only a couple of days, Haier Digital Inverter+ always gives you 2 times more freshness,

HCS Technology

One of the biggest reasons behind its trending is the Humidity Control System (HCS) which always allows maintaining more than 90% humidity to keep food fresh for a longer period of time.

Digital Control System

Another feature that has made it the talk of the town is the Digital Control System (DCS) feature. This feature allows the owner to have complete control over their appliance so that they can change the temperature to their liking.

Less than 1 Unit Electricity Consumption

That’s right, the Digital Inverter+ series only consumes less than 1 unit a day and is equipped with Haier’s 2nd Generation FD Inverter Technology.

4-Temperature Sensor

The DCS is synced to 4-temperature sensors 1st Sensor is in the top hinge refrigerator, 2nd in the freezer portion, 3rd Sensor in the refrigerator compartment, and 4th sensor is attached to the compressor. These all sensors help to seamlessly maintain a precise temperature.

T-ABT Sterilization

Apart from the DCS control panel, it comes equipped with T-ABT Sterilization, which makes sure to provide fresh and hygienic food by effectively killing 99.99% of bacteria.

Operation 105V-260V

Worried about loss of voltage in your household? The Haier Digital Inverter+ Series Refrigerators operate on a wide voltage range so that you no longer have to worry about voltage anymore.

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