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Gwadar plant to end energy crisis by 2023

Gwadar power plant would end the energy crisis by October 2023 after the completion of the 300MW coal-fired power plant.


The longstanding vagaries of the port city of Gwadar due to growing energy scarcity would end by October 2023 after the completion of the 300 megawatts (MW) coal-fired power plant.

The 300MW coal-fired Gwadar Power Plant would cater needs of some 150,000 local people by the end of 2023 under the 2050 Master Plan of Gwadar, an official source said while sharing exclusive updates on the project.

The power plant of an independent power producer was one of the key energy projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he added.

The power plant will cater needs of some 150,000 local people in Balochistan’s port city. 

The project aimed at improving the reliability of the local power supply that would help gradually solve the problems in current economic development and urban construction in the Gwadar region, which is being restricted by the shortage of power.

“We are currently spending millions of dollars per annum to generate electricity from diesel generators. I hope the plant would be operationalized soon to solve the port’s power scarcity issues.

The power plant is of great significance to deepening the energy cooperation between China and Pakistan for:

  • Boosting the development of the Belt and Road Initiative,
  • improving the overall power structure of Balochistan, and promoting local economic development in Gwadar Port.

All major projects under CPEC in Gwadar would become a shining pearl in the region. These projects are:

  • Gwadar Power Plant
  • The New Gwadar International Airport Project
  • The China Pak Friendship Hospital
  • China-Pak Technical and Vocational Institute in Gwadar
  • The Gwadar East-bay Expressway Project
  • Gwadar Free Zone
  • Gwadar Port

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