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‘Groundbreaking’ of first 5G Innovation Lab held at NUST

In contrast to 4G, 5G usage was more widespread and served as a catalyst for the digitization of other industries.


In a partnership between business and academics. Pakistan’s first 5G innovation lab opened its doors on Wednesday at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

The innovation lab’s goal is to assess 5G’s utility through social-ecological lenses. And introduce homegrown solutions for mobility, business, and the economy. That are appropriate for the region. The “innovation lab” is a research initiative supported by Jazz and Huawei technology. With participation from numerous NUST disciplines to assess the significance and usefulness of 5G communication services in Pakistani society.

The project will assist researchers in exploring possible use cases for 5G. In the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality, healthcare, manufacturing and service industry, agriculture, security, disaster management, and entertainment. As well as the public sector by leveraging its high bandwidth, low latency, and advanced security.

Simultaneously, the 5G Innovation Lab was officially opened by Mohsin Mushtaq, the federal secretary for Information Technology and Telecom (MoITT). Who also stated that the lab would be essential in creating an environment for researching IT & telecom use cases that are 5 G-enabled.

In addition, speakers emphasized that, in contrast to 4G. 5G usage was more widespread and served as a catalyst for the digitization of other industries.

The CEO of Jazz’s parent firm, VEON Group, Kaan Terzioglu, stated that it was necessary to examine the communications landscape of the future. Where 5G would play a significant role. Furthermore, he claimed that while offering 4G to everyone was Jazz’s first objective. And the company was also heavily investing in national innovation and looking into how 5G may revolutionize both business and society.

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