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Govt Allots Rs 2B to Build Cybersecurity Team


The government of Pakistan has been making several efforts to deal with the cyber security issues that have been affecting the private and public institutions of Pakistan. As an additional effort, the government of Pakistan has allotted a budget of  Rs2 billion to form a cybersecurity team known as the Pakistan Computer Emergency Response Team (PakCERT)  that would keep the cyber security issues at bay. 

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According to a news release by the leading news channel, SAMAA TV, the cybersecurity team will ensure the security of data. Moreover, the team will come up with new ways to share intelligence related to cyber threats at the national level. The report also explains that the baseline software to execute this has already been developed. 

Cybersecurity expert Ammar Jafri explained in this software will help provide protection from cybersecurity issues,

It is capable of recognizing and informing consumers about potential emergencies or threats,” he added, “If everyone combined efforts, it will be a good endeavor. 

The team will provide security services and training to help the public and private enhance their security infrastructure. Moreover, the team will also be capable of performing forensic analysis, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and many more functions. 

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