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Google Voice will alert you about possible spam calls

Bringing the feature across from the conventional phone app makes a lot of sense.


Google has said that if it doesn’t believe a call is legitimate, it will add a red “suspected spam caller” notice to Google Voice calls.

The business claims in a post on Thursday that it uses the same “sophisticated artificial intelligence” technique to spot spam. As it does with its standard phone app for Android.

If the spam label shows, you also have the choice of either clarifying that a call wasn’t spam. Which would remove the label for subsequent calls, or confirm that a call was spam. In this case, any further calls will be sent directly to your voicemail.

For years, Google Voice has allowed you to screen calls before answering them and to automatically send calls marked as spam to voicemail. But if you frequently receive crucial calls from unfamiliar numbers, those options may not have been ideal for you. According to Google, if you want the automatic spam labeling, you’ll need to turn off the Filter Spam option by navigating to Settings > Security > Filter Spam.

The fact that Google is providing Voice customers with more spam-fighting options is undoubtedly a good thing. But there are certain cutting-edge features that the company now provides on its Pixel phones that could be even more useful.

Though it seems doubtful that the firm would add a flagship feature like that to a service that many people use for free. The ability to have Google Assistant filter the conversation while letting you choose its responses would be a major help.

The rollout of the spam alerts will be made available to everyone with a Google Voice account starting on Thursday. It might take up to 15 days. That indicates that by January 13th, you should begin to see them.

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