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Google Fiber isn’t gone, it plans to expand

The goal is to create companies that will succeed on their own.

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Google Fiber, the Alphabet business devoted to providing high-speed internet access in the US, revealed its ambitious intentions to increase the availability of its fiber services over the following three to five years.

It expects to begin offering fiber services in five more states, including the already mentioned ones of Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Idaho. According to Reuters, Google Fiber intends to increase its current network of 17 metro regions to 22.

It is a significant improvement over 2016 when the company allegedly laid off 9% of its personnel and put on hold plans to introduce services in more than a dozen locations.

Following a disastrous attempt to install fiber cable in extremely shallow trenches. The business was reportedly abandoning hundreds of projects in established metro regions including Kansas City and Louisville, Kentucky.

However, it appears that the business is now poised to expand. As CEO Dinni Jain told Reuters that the group is prepared to “add a little bit more build velocity.” It began operating in West Des Moines, Iowa, in March—the first new state it has entered in five years—and announced that it would be expanding to Des Moines the following month. According to Reuters, Google Fiber built more in 2021 than it did in “the preceding few years combined.”

Jain claims that Google Fiber’s goals are modest, despite his aspirations for a revival. Ten years ago, there was a perception that Google Fiber was attempting to develop the entire nation, he told Reuters. “No, we are not attempting to create the entire country,” we are indicating with this gesture. According to Jain’s blog post, the expansion will continue in current metro regions in addition to the new states.

In 2010, Google Fiber was introduced with the intention of promoting the use of higher internet connections at a cheaper cost. In part by supplying them directly and in part by inciting incumbent US providers to compete. Jain claims that as a former Time Warner executive, he had experienced Google’s pressure. “We were very fearful,” he tells Reuters.

The announcement of Google Fiber’s growth ambitions coincides with a period of cost-cutting at Google and in the tech sector as a whole. As the economy continues to deteriorate, the corporation last month issued a two-week hiring hold. While it evaluated its workforce requirements. In recent years, Alphabet has also been more willing to end experimental ventures. In addition to winding down its energy kite segment in 2020. It shut down its balloon internet provider Loon last year.

The goal is to create companies that will succeed on their own. And that is exactly what Google Fiber is attempting to achieve, according to Jain, speaking to Reuters.

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