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Global Innovation Ecosystem Summit —#GIES20


Lahore Garrison University & Center for Global Innovators (CGI) are excited to present a roller coaster 🎢 ride of Innovation. Global Innovation Ecosystem Summit #GIES20–— 24–28 August 2020— brings an extravaganza of Innovation Thought Leaders from around the Globe to Pakistan in an exciting Online Week.

Join Entrepreneurs, Investors, Corporates, Universities & Government Leaders to discuss the development of an Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Pakistan. Listen to Global Innovation Thought Leaders in 100+ Keynotes, Panel Discussions & Workshops at Global Innovation Ecosystem Summit #GIES20 to discuss innovative strategies to build a vibrant Innovation Ecosystem & for Post COVID19 economic growth of Pakistan.

“Our Vision is to Give Everybody a Chance to Learn how to build a Business. And be part of Pakistan’s journey towards building a $500B Knowledge Economy by 2030. Together let’s make Pakistan a Top-50 InnovativeNation.”

Maj Gen Obaid Bin Zakria, Vice-Chancellor, Lahore Garrison University.

Join us on a mission to build a $500 Billion Innovation Economy by 2030 & to make Pakistan a Top-50 Innovative Nation.

Lahore Garrison University Unveils Plan for a $500 Billion Innovation Economy


Silicon Valley is probably the greatest creation of wealth in human history. The $3 Trillion neighborhood houses half of 143

400+ aspiring entrepreneurs from across Pakistan just concluded a roller coaster 🎢 ride of entrepreneurship with CGI & Lahore Garrison University, where participants learned “ How to transform Ideas into Build a Business in 4 Weeks”, in an online Startup Summer School.

Global Innovation Ecosystem Summit 2020


Global Innovation Ecosystem Summit 2020 Sponsored by Innovation Minds & CGI While there may be a temptation to slow down innovation efforts during these uncertain times, top leaders know that innovation discipline has never been more important. Now is…


An exciting roller coaster 🎢 journey of Innovation — Global Innovation Ecosystem Summit #GIES20– — 24–28 August 2020.

How Silicon Valley innovates to continue to be ‘The Silicon Valley’? Unique traits of Silicon Valley that helped it to acquire and maintain its pioneer status. Global Innovation Ecosystem Summit #GIES20 begins with an Exclusive invite-only virtual Workshop by Innovation Minds from Silicon Valley, USA on Monday 24th August. Do reach out to us for an exclusive workshop invite. 

CGI Brings Million Dollars Startup World Cup to Pakistan


Startup World Cup is the world’s largest startup competition. Finalists pitch for $1 million investment prize at the Grand Finale

“Hult Prize experience made us realize that Entrepreneurship — Can be the Answer to Social Problems faced by Pakistan. Through initiatives like Startup World Cup & working on Business Models for under $10/day income group — that constitutes half of Pakistan’s population — we will be producing next middle-class.”

Mustafa Minhas, Co-Founder Center for Global Innovators, and Regional Director Startup World Cup Pakistan

Startup World Cup Pakistan National Final — is scheduled for 28th August in Islamabad, on the closing day of Global Innovation Ecosystem Summit #GIES20. Startup World Cup is the world’s largest startup competition. National Winners of Startup World Cup Pakistan will compete for $ 1 million investment prize at the Grand Finale in Silicon Valley, USA.

CGI & Lahore Garrison University are building an Impactful Startup Ecosystem in Pakistan and we are looking to collaborate with the stakeholders from Government, Policy Makers, Legislators, Universities, Development Sector, Impact Investors and Startup Incubators/Accelerators. We can be reached at:

📧 Pakistan.CGI@gmail.com 🌐 www.ConsultCGI.com 📱 www.twitter.com/ConsultCGI 📱 www.facebook.com/ConsultCGI

About the Author: Imran Jattala is Director Innovation, Lahore Garrison University — a leading entrepreneurial university in Pakistan. He is also Co-Founder of Center for Global Innovators (CGI) — Innovation Consulting — Design of IDEO, Innovation of Strategyzer & Strategy of McKinsey. With a mission to build Innovation Economy & to make Pakistan Top-50 Innovative Nation. He tweets at: @ImJattala

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