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Gaper Rescues US from the Looming Tech Talent Shortage


Founded in 2019 by tech enthusiasts Mustafa Najoom and Ahmed Muzammil, Gaper today has managed to vet over 1500 developers and has facilitated businesses to set up remote development teams in countries all over the world.

The two started off their venture as a means to help businesses set up their remote teams and find the right resources for them. Little did they know that their venture would find itself heads on with a global supply chain crisis.

According to Ahmed Muzammil, VP Technology at Gaper:

“Sustainable supply chains were a pretty alien concept when we first started. More and more people were getting CS degrees and IT and technology was all the hype. However, in the midst of the startup and entrepreneurship boom, resource building took the back seat” 

Gaper has managed to combat the developer shortage in the US which was especially in effect during the pandemic. The pandemic resulted in digitization which further worsened the shortage of tech talent. Moreover, the IT talent crisis worsened due to advancement in IT technologies which ended up in a demand for new skills.

Ahmed Muzammil also added,

“We have been following the global tech talent shortage very closely. In our recently published trend report, countries like Japan, US, Brazil, and even India are likely to be the worst hit. Businesses generally spend 50% more time hiring tech talent than other roles. Now add to that equation a shortage of specialized skill sets and you have a really big problem at hand”

The demand for engineers is expected to increase in the US along with an increase in demand for IT support specialists, systems engineers and architects, systems analysts, and IT project managers. According to Korn Ferry’s forecasts, the United States will be short 6 million workers in various fields.

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