Home Business Foodpanda partners with SFA to educate HomeChefs

Foodpanda partners with SFA to educate HomeChefs

Foodpanda has a huge number of HomeChefs who have all been submitted to a series of rigorous inspections for aspects.

Foodpanda collaborated with the Sindh Food Authority (SFA) to teach its HomeChefs about increased safety measures and government SOPs in order to improve food packaging and adhere to sanitary requirements during food preparation.

HomeChefs are people who prepare and sell meals from the convenience of their own kitchens online. Foodpanda has a massive number of HomeChefs submitted to a series of rigorous inspections. For aspects such as food cleanliness, quality, safety, and packaging.

The training session had the goal of encouraging and promoting a food safety culture. As well as instructing the HomeChefs on basic cleanliness and safe food preparation.

“I am pleased that training programs such as the one provided by the Sindh Food Authority will assist educate our HomeChefs. With the necessary information about food hygiene and safety,” said Ahsan Malik, Head of HomeChefs at foodpanda Pakistan. “It is critical to us that we provide clients meals. Our meals have gone through an exquisite food preparation procedure with no compromise on quality standards. At the same time, we assist our HomeChefs with devotion in their efforts to develop and achieve excellence.”

The company’s goal for the next two years is to grow this vertical to 100,000 registered HomeChefs.

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