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Foodpanda partnered with HoReCa channel partners


Foodpanda B2B Solutions, commonly known as ‘pandamart for Business’, has partnered with its HoReCa channel partners, Kababjees and Dipitt to supply the raw materials including basic essentials like cooking oil, sugar, tomato paste, ketchup, sauces, etc.

Likewise, Foodpanda B2B Solutions is focused on better planning, forecasting, and capacity management, providing convenience and procurement efficiencies for each partner.

Firstly, this partnership takes an integrated approach toward supply-chain optimization, unlocking significant value for both parties.

Speaking at the occasion, Ibad Ahmed, Director pandamart and New Verticals stated, “We are aiming to make B2B solutions (pandamart for Business) the epicenter for cross-fertilization of different brands, providing convenience and making it a one-stop solution for all supply needs.

With this recent expansion in the HoReCa channel,
we welcome our partners Dipitt and Kababjees on board and aim to explore new horizons in this space.”

In addition, Foodpanda for Business is a platform exclusive for corporates, institutions, offices, and industry. It provides a one-stop-shop for all food and office grocery, supplies, or pantry needs.

Above all, through the service, businesses will be able to stock their office pantries to ensure that
employees have a steady flow of snacks to keep them primed for the busy workday.

Furthermore, corporates will also have access to pandamart and shops to facilitate their bulk orders of:

  • office consumables
  • groceries
  • pantry items for day-to-day use

In conclusion, with the addition of the HoReCa channel to its portfolio,
Foodpanda for Business will make focused inroads into servicing the supply chain needs of its restaurant and HomeChef partners.

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