Home Education Federal Minister, IBCC launch “My Inter Academy” for Covid-Stricken Students

Federal Minister, IBCC launch “My Inter Academy” for Covid-Stricken Students


To facilitate students that are currently enrolled in Matric and FSC an initiative called “My Inter-Academy” has been launched.  The project has been executed under the directions of Federal Minister, Education – Shafqat Mehmood along with Secretary, IBCC – Dr. Ghullam AliMallah, and CEO Learning Pitch Syed Wajahat

What is “My Inter-Academy”?

My Inter-Academy is a free, easy-to-use platform that is specifically created to help covid-stricken students “nail their board exams”. There are over 12, 000 conceptual MCQs that are designed to help the students with on-the-go practice. Moreover, the platform is a download-free zone which means that students won’t need to undergo the cumbersome task of downloading all the MCQs before they are able to practice them.

We’re delighted to be partnering with IBCC in helping the COVID-stricken students with their studies through our online-learning solution. We hope to continue this healthy collaboration with IBCC, as we make progress in achieving our goal of imparting quality education, making it affordable and accessible to all. – CEO Learning Pitch, Syed Wajahat

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