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Facebook owner Meta has unveiled a new virtual reality login method.

Meta Platforms Inc. is changing the procedure for customers to access their virtual reality headsets.

In reversing a previous move that mandated Facebook accounts from the company’s primary Facebook app on the devices while maintaining linkages to social networks there, Meta Platforms Inc. is changing how users log onto its virtual reality headsets.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of the organization’s new “Meta accounts” in a Facebook post on Thursday.

Following complaints from consumers who had previously accessed the headsets via separate accounts from Oculus, the virtual reality firm that Meta, then known as Facebook, purchased in 2014, the social media giant revealed intentions to eliminate the Facebook login requirement last year.

According to the new login system, Meta accounts will manage app purchases and device-level access. While Meta Horizon profiles will reflect users’ social presence in virtual reality. And include linked user names and avatars, according to a blog post by the business.

Additionally, users will have the choice to link their accounts in a single Meta Accounts Center. Which will allow them to include pre-existing social connections. From Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger into their virtual reality experiences, according to the statement.

According to a business official who talked to Reuters, the firm would only aggregate user data across applications for counting users. And implement safety regulations for accounts not registered to the Accounts Center.

Product head Chris Cox mentioned the modification in a message last week. Referring to it as Project Simile and stating that it will “enable continuity across the metaverse.” A copy of the memo was seen by Reuters.

As part of its “family of applications,” Meta has been working to link accounts and other products. This enables customers’ cross-app capabilities while also allowing Meta to compile information about users’ behavior across various contexts.

Later that year, the firm launched a payment tool, now known as Meta Pay. Via which users may conduct transactions across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. In 2019, the company announced ambitions to consolidate its messaging system across applications.

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