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ePay Punjab App Simplifies The Public To Government And Business To Government Connections


The Finance Ministry of Punjab launches an epay app to simplify the public to government and business to government connections. The finance ministry of Punjab launched this app in collaboration with the Punjab technology board and the central bank.

ePay app brings together twelve tax/levies and four departments inside on platform. The app enables the online payment of duties in just a solo click. It permits the public to repay their token tax, registration of business fees, sales tax on services and facilities, and property tax.

The ePay facility permits the consumers to simplify their taxes ultimately with OTC, ATM, and internet banking. The challan generates as soon as the payment occurs. This service makes it more convenient to pay taxes with just a single click. According to the function of this app, about 12 levies can pay when using the ePay app.

Modes Of Payment Available?

ePay Punjab govt Pakistan offers three unique payment methods as Alternative delivery channels.

  • Internet banking’
  • mobile banking
  • ATMS

Public also can use the OTC the over the counter banking transactions to pay their dues by physically visiting their nearest bank branch.

How To Use Epay App?

Below is the method that tells how to use the ePay Punjab app to pay the user’s duties digitally.

Step 1: Download The App

Step 2: Create The Account

Step 3: Get The OTP

Step 4: Choosing The Correct Tax

Step 5: Add The Details

Step 6: Generate Challan

Step 7: Pay The Dues


The ePay Punjab App was an enormous achievement for the Punjab government, gathering closely PKR 500 million in its first 100 days. In March 2020, above PKR 1 billion was composed in taxation proceeds by the government of Punjab after enabling the inhabitants with this application.

The PITB also plans to consider several other payment channels in the application. The different channels include Debit/Credit card payments, mobile wallets, payments through TELCO Agent Networks, and direct debits from bank accounts.

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