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Elon Musk changes Tesla’s priorities for 2022

Tesla is on course to become the most advanced AI developer globally. 


Elon Musk brought a change in Tesla’s strategies by announcing the development of the ‘Tesla bot.’ A humanoid robot ‘Optimus’ would be Tesla’s priority in 2022.

Musk described the Tesla Bot project as something Tesla could achieve by utilizing existing work and parts from the development of self-driving technology. If they didn’t, someone else would. They might not do it as effectively or as safely as Tesla.

The humanoid robot driven by Tesla AI has become evident to be an important project inside the corporation. Tesla’s CEO stated that a humanoid robot prototype would be available by the end of 2022.

According to the CEO, the Optimus humanoid robot is the most critical item they’re working on this year regarding product priority. He also informed the investors that the humanoid robots have “the potential to be more significant than the vehicle business, over time.”

Musk stated that he believes Tesla’s future robot would help many problems along with the labor shortage:

“I believe “Tesla Optimus” has the potential to become more important than the automobile industry over time. When it comes to the economy, labor is the bedrock. Labor is distilled into capital equipment. So, what happens if there isn’t a labor shortage at all? At that point, I’m not sure what an economy is. Optimus is all about that. So, it’s critical.

The CEO also claimed that Tesla Optimus would be used first in the company’s own factories. Stating that “if we can’t find a use for it, we shouldn’t expect others to.”

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