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Educast to Provide E-Medical Care to Palestinians

According to reports, a Pakistan-Saudi online health platform by the name of Educast has teamed up with the Palestinian Young Explorer startup to provide virtual medical care to Palestinian mothers and children. The platform will be able to provide health care facilities to those residing in Gaza and the West Bank.
“Educast is bringing over 150 Pakistani licensed women doctors from 12 countries for teleconsulting and remote healthcare diagnostic and mental health counseling to women and children suffering Israeli attacks,” – Abdullah Butt
The Palestinian Young Explorer platform provides consultation to those parents who have children with special needs. They do this via written and video resource materials. On the other hand, Educast provides technology-based training and services that initially started as a platform to give virtual training to ex-pat Pakistanis based in Saudi Arabia and North America.
In 2017, however, Educast expanded to provide e-medical services after collaborating with Dow University of Health Sciences. Two years later Educast received a grant from Islamic Development Bank to work on reducing the infant mortality rate in Pakistan. This project also helped Pakistani female doctors to continue their profession. The platform has also been providing medical care to those affected by Covid-19.
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