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E-Stamping System Launched In Sindh


Sindh chief minister Syed Murad Ali Shah Tuesday has launched the E-Stamping system in the province.

The E-Stamping system has been launched with the joint collaboration of PITB, the Board of Revenue Government of Sindh, and the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).

The launching ceremony was held at the Sindh CM House which was attended by Revenue Minister Makhdoom Mehboob, chief secretary, senior member board of revenue, the president of National Bank and others.

Addressing the ceremony, CM Murad Ali Shah said that the Stamp duty has been reduced to 1pc from 2 per cent. Terming the launch of the E-Stamping system in Sindh as a milestone, Shah added that digital technology is bringing revolution across the globe.

He said that the E-stamping challan can be obtained from the National Bank or online. The move will help the province in increasing revenue as the PPP’s government desire to expand the tax net.

How to use an e-Stamping System?

For the people who are wondering how to use the new e-Stamping system, he/she need to have simply an internet connection. If the person wants to purchase the high-value non-judicial or judicial stamp papers, he will need to provide the data regarding the area he wants to purchase.

The system will automatically calculate the value of the stamp paper needed by the buyer. The names of the buyer, seller, and the person from whom the stamp papers will be purchased will be entered along with their CNIC numbers. The process is done and the purchaser will get the e-Stamp paper in just 15 minutes.


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