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DRF and Beti Collaborate to Establish Safe Online Environments

Beti and DRF will work together to combat misogyny and harassment online.

On August 26, Beti and the Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) agreed to work together to combat misogyny, bigotry, and abuse online.

Nighat Dad, the founder and executive director of DRF, and Ramma Cheema, the CEO of Beti, struck an agreement with the goal of working together to build an inclusive space for everyone both online and offline.

The collaboration aims to raise awareness of the main problems that women encounter online and the resources that they can use when they need them.

In order to bring attention to a number of issues, including online harassment, online safety, and gendered online abuse and disinformation, Beti and DRF will collaborate to execute online advocacy and awareness-raising activities.

Dad commented on the alliance and said it is a significant step, particularly in the present when women’s online vulnerabilities are expanding and they are being targeted for expressing even the slightest political viewpoint. She also expressed the hope that Beti and DRF will work together to combat misogyny and harassment online.

Cheema underlined the need for secure online environments for everyone, and she hopes that the partnership’s results would encourage improvements in attitudes toward women and raise awareness of the issue.

What is Beti?

Beti is a media and advocacy initiative that emphasizes breaking down preconceptions and encouraging female-oriented behavioral changes while working to elevate and include women and girls on the financial and social spectrum.

Ramma Cheema, a champion of gender equality, founded the organization in 2019. It fundamentally opposes misogynistic behavior toward women, defends human rights, and works to enable the eradication of bias and inequality against women and girls.

What is DRF?

DRF is a research-based non-governmental organization (NGO) that promotes human rights, democratic procedures, and digital governance (ICTs).

Its objective is to create an environment where everyone—especially women—can securely practice their freedom to speak without fear of harm. It also intends to improve protections for human rights defenders (HRDs) in digital areas, with a focus on women’s rights. The DRF Foundation works to safeguard women against workplace and online harassment by advocating for policies and promoting public awareness of digital security issues.

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