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Dr. Farhan Essa shares the journey of Essa laboratories; pioneer in diagnostic services


Professor Dr. Farhan Essa Abdullah, MBBS, MPhil, Phd, CEO of one the largest medical diagnostic chains in Sindh namely Essa labortories. Farhan Essa shares the journey of Dr. Essa laboratories. His parents, who were American qualified doctors, came to Pakistan and realized that Pakistan lacks in quality diagnostic services. They started Dr Essa Laboratories in 1987 in collaboration with a hospital in North Nazimabad. They started these diagnostic services on a small scale but soon it started expanding all over Karachi. The main focus of Essa laboratories has been on quality and timely services.

Dr. Essa Laboratory has been recognized as one of the leading laboratories in Pakistan and is a Centre of Excellence in providing unsurpassed Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostics Services. It has has one of the largest laboratory networks in Karachi and has received multiple Consumer Choice awards on account of its dedication, credibility, quality of service and professionalism. Dr. Essa laboratories brought all services under one roof so the patients don’t have to face the hassle of commuting from labs to labs.

Dr. Essa Laboratories does not find any other company as a competitor. They strive on becoming better than yesterday. Majority of the customer base of Dr. Essa laboratories is walk-in and for now they have limited it to Sindh. However, they provide services to the corporate sector across Pakistan. They have large multinational and local companies on board with them.

Adoption of innovation:

Farhan Essa finds the disruptions in the technology as an opportunity. They keep on innovating along with the technological changes around the world. They are improvising their services so they can generate the reports more efficiently and effectively so the further treatment can be proceeded.

For future, Dr. Essa lab is planning on bringing applied science, physical therapies  and rehabilitation centers. A lot of cases of cardio and other major issues do not require medical treatment. Rehabs and physical therapies have been proven to be very beneficial in a lot of cases. They also plan on expanding on remote areas. Essa laboratories take the corporate social responsibility very seriously. They are advocating and fostering education in rural and remote areas. Furthermore, they are also actively working on the eradication of polio diseases.

Farhan Essa explained how Dr. Essa labs also endorses recreational activities and sports. By encouraging sports, they aims to develop sportsmen spirit and include children in such activities. Essa labs is also working on the involvement of women in different fields of work. In other words, they provide a complete equal opportunity to every doctor, physician, technician, nurses, and other staff. They recruit their employees on the basis of merit to sustain the quality.

‘We care about helping patients and physicians and we use our knowledge of laboratory medicine to help identify the right course of action in order to achieve better health care outcomes’, says Farhan Essa.


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