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Digitrends wins TOP Award at Techbehemoths 2022


DigiTrends has been awarded the TOP Software, Web and Mobile App Development Company in the US.

Techbehemoths recently awarded eight companies as the top US mobile app developers, and among them, one of the winners is DigiTrends. The event took place on 22nd Dec 2022. The Techbehemoths awards are a significant marker that this company was among the year’s top performers.


TechBehemoths is the world’s most comprehensive and seamless platform for linking IT Companies with actual clients. It connects real projects with 43,252 IT businesses from 143 countries and 6,936 cities, making it perhaps the best in the sector. Techbehemoths aims to expand everyone’s access to exceptional companies that offer top-notch IT services and solutions. In recent Techbehemoths awards, DigiTrends was recognized and awarded for the following categories:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Software Development

DigiTrends provides exceptional and cutting-edge IT solutions and is the top mobile app development company in the US, having created numerous distinct mobile apps, webs and software that now rule devices.

They have a decade’s worth of experience creating exemplary mobile apps and innovative digital solutions for clients all over the world. Their concepts are user-centred and built with cutting-edge technology to develop products that fully utilize the hardware and functionality of mobile devices.

DigiTrends offers an excellent user experience based on an easy-to-use interface and streamlined navigation; as a result, this feature propels an app and software to the top!

“As a seasoned leader with over 10 years of experience in building digital solutions and campaigns for the pharmaceutical industry, I am proud to reinstate that DigiTrends has set a new benchmark in the digital space of the Pharmaceutical industry.”
~ Samad Saleem
CEO DigiTrends

Therefore, for providing exceptional web, software and mobile app development services and solutions in the United States, DigiTrends has been recognized and awarded by Techbehemoths.

Wondering about how Techbehemoths awards a company?

“We’ve added these three criteria in the 2022 Awards process because the ability to convert potential customers and successfully deliver projects is even more important than the Business portfolio or company’s description. It tests the communication skills and professionalism of every company.”
~ Marcel Sobieski
Founder & CEO of TechBehemoths 

Techbehemoths has a list of criteria that must be met before a company can receive an award from them. It includes client testimonials, the strength and portfolio of the business profile, user activity and feedback, market demand for the company’s services, company accomplishments, and more. Moreover, DigiTrends fulfilled all the criteria mentioned above with flying colors. And thus has been awarded as one of the best US software, web and mobile app development companies.

Benefits of receiving Techbehemoths awards

DigiTrends has been delivering top-notch mobile app, software and web development services and is the leading pioneer in this sector. Getting recognized for hard work, efforts and exemplary services, companies attain the following benefits when they receive awards:

  • Enhanced digital presence and authenticity.
  • Media exposure
  • Strengthened professional status on the web
  • Recognition etc.

Therefore, when companies are acknowledged and honored for their exceptional products and services, it increases their exposure. Then platforms like Techbehemoths simplify the process of connecting IT Companies with actual clients. In addition, Techbehemoths awards can’t be bought or manipulated. And several intricate metrics determine the ranking, thus making the entire process fair and square!

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