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Digitrends revolutionizes healthcare sector in Pakistan


Digitrends fast-tracking the AR/VR technologies for healthcare and pharmaceuticals of Pakistan

Manifest awards Digitrends for its remarkable efforts in AR/VR technology – Making new ways for revolutionizing the healthcare sector.

Ever since the covid revised the world pattern, every sector has felt the toll. Specifically, in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, where interaction was the primary feature of problem-solving. Advanced technologies have replaced conventional setups ad norms have changed. Digitrends is solving conventional medicinal issues with high-tech, engagement-focused solutions using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).


Augmented reality and virtual reality, commonly known as AR/VR was first introduced to the world by Morton Heilig in 1957, but gradually evolved in several aspects in 1976 and 1980. Virtual reality specifically was introduced to the world in 1975 by Myron Krueger, an American computer artist, who developed “Video place”. This is known as the very first VR interface shown to tech mentors globally.

This was the start of a virtual reality era that evolved into gamification, simulation, and educational experiences. Century later augmented and virtual reality has changed the face of the world. AR/VR has been empowering the gaming and technology industry for a decade. Now, these technologies are the new healthcare technology in town.


 “VR has reached a tipping point in medicine.”

Dr. Arjit Sachdeva,
Director of education with the American College of Surgeons

Previously AR/VR has evolved the technology and gaming industry. Now, virtual reality has invaded the healthcare and medicine market. It is now a primary tool of treatment for pain specialists, surgeons, psychologists, and others. Researchers have been making 3D human organ models since the 90s. IT advancements and a vast range of software providers have made VR and 3D modeling prompter than before.

  • Virtual reality is helping trauma patients in post-traumatic treatments.
  • VR lets stroke and head injury patients regain mobility issues.
  • VR- medicated rehabilitation centers are taking over the healthcare market.

3D visualization and AR/VR technologies are creating ground-breaking innovations in medicine. One such event is the surgical procedure for conjoined twins. AR/VR is helping doctors globally reduce unwanted surgical surprises.


Digitrends, found more than a decade ago by Samad Saleem and his partners, is a software house, based in the USA, Pakistan, and UAE, providing digital solutions to the healthcare sector. AR/VR is helping doctors maintain medical care system challenges virtually. Digitrends is setting technological grounds for healthcare professionals to gain access to AR/VR technology in Pakistan.

Digital innovation in the healthcare sector was rushed after the invasion of Covid-19. Digitrends, however, is providing AR/VR technologies through patient simulations, virtual clinical practice models, and virtual gamification models for healthcare professionals long before the pandemic.


The pharma sector now has matured exponentially. Like general surgery and hospitals, 3D visuals are modifying the pharmaceuticals and medicine development processes as well.

Pakistani pharmaceutics, in particular, is benefiting from augmented and virtual reality enhanced HCP engagements, patient simulations, and virtual pharmacist sessions. Digitrends created a VR patient simulator for a leading pharmaceutical company that provoked healthcare engagement.

Interactive Patient Simulator (IPS) project

Digitrends created an interactive patient simulation (IPS) system for a leading pharmaceutical company. During the IPS project, virtual patients were presented and complete screening was performed on a touch panel with pre-made case presentations. It was a complete education system created for healthcare professionals to practice cases with built-in reports, labs, and testing procedures.

IPS was an initiative to:

  • Enhance HCP’s critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Accelerate the decision-making skills of doctors.
  • Educate nursing and medical students for a better understanding of the human body and disease presentation.

Most importantly, the key attributes of the project were:

  • Case monitoring.
  • Dialogues and real-life-like discussions of cases.
  • Patient testing
  • Intervention techniques
  • Medications

IPS is a medically certified simulation presentation that was created by a pharmaceutical company with help of Digitrends to engage doctors and enhance their case-solving skills for improved treatments in the future. Digitrends has been lucky to create an IPS VR project and hopes to develop more virtual platforms for the pharmaceutical and overall healthcare sector in Pakistan.


Moreover, Digitrends recognized globally time and time again for its ahead-of-era technology innovation and ideas. Last year Clutch’s sister firm Manifest awarded Digitrends as the most reviewed AR/VR company, this set the benchmark for healthcare and other sectors by choosing Digitrends as a digital innovator partner.  Currently, listed at the 4rth position on Clutch, Digitrends has been an awardee in the “Best reviewed B2B companies for 2022” in May 2022, and “Top 100 AR/VR development companies” in July 2022.

About Digitrends

Digitrends is a Manifest 2022 top ranking software house and digital solutions provider firm, meeting different sectors’ digitalization needs since 2000. Furthermore, Digitrends, as the official 2022 member of Forbes Technology Council, has good recognition by Inc. 5000, DesignRUSH, Clutch, and Good firms.

Moreover, ranging its offices in USA, UK, UAE to Pakistan, Digitrends has been providing customized digital solutions to the healthcare sector, primarily pharmaceuticals; education, finance, and other regions. With a diverse expert team, Digitrends has delivered exceptional AR/VR, artificial intelligence (AI), and financial technology (Fintech) projects.



Email: info@digitrends.co

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