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DigiTrends makes History with Pakistan’s Groundbreaking Digital Health Hackathon


It is with great excitement that DigiTrends announces the successful completion of Pakistan’s 1st Digital Health Hackathon! Sponsored by Getz Pharma and organized in partnership with Digital Care, this ground-breaking event brought together the best and brightest in digital health and technology to collaborate and innovate solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in the healthcare sector.

Moreover, the two-day hackathon held at NIC Karachi and saw participation from a diverse range of industries, including IT specialists, healthcare professionals, and entrepreneurs. With keynote speeches from industry leaders, presentations on cutting-edge technologies, and mentorship from experienced professionals in the field, the hackathon provided an unparalleled opportunity for learning and growth.


Moreover, the highlight of the event was the pitch competition, where teams presented their innovative solutions to a panel of expert judges. The winning team, “Dia-Vision,” developed a cutting-edge solution for the Health Informatics sector, while the runners-up “DocHub” and “Med Lock” developed solutions for e-pharma and Health Informatics, respectively.

Moreover, the event was graced by the presence of prominent guests of honor, including Mr. Muhammad Arshad, Director & CEO of the Prime Minister Health Program, and Mr. Khalid Mahmood, CEO of Getz Pharma Pvt. Ltd, and Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Rector and Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship at GIFT University.


According to Samad Saleem, CEO of DigiTrends, “Our core mission is to empower healthcare providers and help expand precision medicine, transforming care delivery and improving the patient experience through the digitalization of the healthcare system. I truly believe that the fruits of this hackathon will reap by the Digital Health community for years to come.”

Moreover, DigiTrends expresses its sincere gratitude to all participants, mentors, jury members, guests of honor, and sponsors for their support and contributions to the success of this historic event. With more events like this on the horizon, we look forward to continued growth and innovation in the digital health sector in Pakistan.

For more information, visit our Website. Join us in celebrating the successful conclusion of Pakistan’s 1st Digital Health Hackathon and the bright future ahead!

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