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DigiTrends at Future Fest as a Session Curator


Digitrends, a technology company that specializes in enabling multichannel marketing and close loop marketing, is set to participate as a session curator at the Future Fest, which will be held at the Lahore Expo Centre.

The event will take place from January 6, 2023, to January 8, 2023, and will provide a look into what’s to come, with 50,000+ participants and 300+ speakers from across the world discussing innovative technologies that can #SavetheFuture.

DigiTrends was founded in 2010 as a multipurpose digital firm leading the expedition to digitize medicine, banking, e-commerce, retail, and other industries. It quickly established itself as a forerunner in the digital space, providing a wide range of marketing solutions and digital services.

They quickly established impact in the world of digitization by helping a slew of top firms and ushering in a technological revolution. Our accomplishment garnered widespread recognition and pushed us to increase the scope of our industrial competence and worldwide reach; DigiTrends evolved into a full-stack digital enterprise.

DigiTrends is currently a world-leading IT organization with a comprehensive variety of software development services and consultation, thanks to our ideal combination of detailed digital strategies, efficient communication, and tactical execution. It has overcome several hurdles and gained the trust of over 600+ organizations, including globally prominent corporations and Fortune 500 companies, since its beginning.

DigiTrends carries committment to providing its clients with reliable digital services and intelligent marketing solutions in the future.

Moreover, the world is changing at an alarming rate, which adds to the uncertainty. We gather visionaries, politicians, innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders at Future Fest to address a simple question: what’s next?

Future Fest 2023 is a three-day event. It has dedication to harnessing technology to pave the road for Pakistan’s future. It will bring together experts from more than 40 sectors to promote conversation on the future of life itself.

Entrepreneurs, decision-makers, legislators, thought leaders, investors, and innovators will explore the most pressing issues of the day and how technology may help to #SaveTheFuture.

Last year’s event was backed for the first time in Pakistan by the world’s largest firms, including Binance, Epic, KuCoin, Google Developers, Payoneer, Careem, Swvl, and S&P Global, as well as 200 partners/sponsors.

CEO DigiTrends, Samad Saleem will not only be curating a separate session but also appear as a speaker in the event. He has more than ten years of experience developing cutting-edge platforms for the healthcare and other industries while broadening his knowledge of cutting-edge technologies including blockchain, fintech, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Moreover, DigiTrends is a manifestation of his conviction that technology holds the key to sustainability. He believes strongly in the power of technology. Samad is happy to have started a complete “tech revolution” in the fintech sector and in the pharmaceutical sector.

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About DigiTrends

DigiTrends is a Manifest 2022 top ranking software house and digital solutions provider firm, meeting different sector’s digitalization needs since 2000. Digitrends, being the official 2022 member of Forbes Technology council, well recognized by Inc. 5000, DesignRUSH, Clutch and Goodfirms.

Moreover, ranging its offices from USA, UK, and UAE to Pakistan, Digitrends has been providing customized digital solutions to healthcare sector, primarily pharmaceuticals; education, finance and other regions. Furthermore, with a diverse expert team, Digitrends has delivered exceptional AR/VR, artificial intelligence (AI), financial technology (Fintech) projects.



Email: info@digitrends.co

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