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Deloitte Australia Named as the Year’s Leading HR Company by ALBA


Deloitte Australia has been named as the year’s leading company in Australia for Human Resources by the Australian Lawyers & Businesses Association (ALBA).

Deloitte Australia’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Tina McCreery, expressed her delight at the occasion,

“To be named as Australia’s leading HR team, and for so many of our initiatives to also be acknowledged, is an incredible recognition for our team and our business”

She also added that Deloitte understands the importance of giving people a great experience, everyone is encouraged to do their best. Deloitte has been recognized for its innovative effort in building a personalized learning platform known as Cura and MyBenefits. Moreover, the firm has always been a strong contender for promoting inclusivity and diversity.

Deloitte also stood out as the only company to provide consultancy and professional services amidst its rivals of big brands including H&M, Telstra, Johnson & Johnson, and PepsiCo.

McCreery, who took on Deloitte’s chief Human Resource role only last year stated,

“We’re proud of our initiatives, policies, and frameworks and are committed to creating an environment in which all our people feel comfortable to be themselves and are able to reach their full potential, every day,”

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