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Dell Mobile Connect service to be discontinued

Dell Mobile Connect

Dell will discontinue its ‘Mobile Connect’ service for users and the download option will no longer appear for users in the US, Canada, and Japan after November, and the service will eventually stop by January 2023.

Dell Mobile Connect, which is also known as Alienware Mobile Connect is used to sync the calls, messages, and notifications from the mobile to the laptop.

It launched in 2018 and worked the best with Dell Laptops.

On its support page, the company announced, “Dell recommends uninstalling Dell Mobile Connect or Alienware Mobile Connect from both your Dell computer and mobile devices by the regional discontinue date. This frees up storage space and ensures an optimum device experience.”

While this service will discontinue, as per The Verge, Intel has already bought the software behind Dell’s Mobile Connect in 2021, called Screenovate. Hopefully, Intel will announce the services later this year.

Dell is an American multinational technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services; and its parent company Dell Technologies owns it.

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