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DeafTawk’s Healthcare Partners With medIQ Smart Healthcare

DeafTawk's Healthcare has entered into a partnership with medIQ Smart Healthcare to make healthcare more equitable and inclusive.

Smart Healthcare
Smart Healthcare

DeafTawk‘s Healthcare has entered into a partnership with medIQ Smart Healthcare to make healthcare more equitable and inclusive.

Health equity is a national challenge, and healthcare executives have a responsibility to ensure their organizations are addressing disparities that disproportionately impact those historically underserved.

Equitable Access means ensuring that people have access to the services and resources necessary to achieve their full health potential.

According to the statement released by the organization, “healthcare is a basic necessity equivalent to education and food, hence it should be accessible to all. Unfortunately, that is not the case.”

According to an estimation, there is a segment of almost 10 million deaf individuals in Pakistan alone, that remains untargeted by most of the traditional healthcare service providers/facilities.

medIQ’s team of Doctors and professionals has joined hands with DeafTawk to Bridge The Gap by making healthcare more inclusive.

Indeed, bringing more ideas to the table from varying perspectives and backgrounds, helps healthcare organisations reach their full innovative potential.

“Thanks to Dr Saira Siddique, Mohammad Kaab, Dr Farrukh Ali, Osama Qayyum Janjua and the rest of the team; for partnering with us & playing their part to make sure that the Future Is Inclusive”, said DeafTawk.

medIQ Smart Healthcare is ‘Pakistan’s First Integrated Virtual Care Platform’ which provides on-demand healthcare services at the point of need. medIQ is connecting customers, health services providers and companies to put great care within everyone’s reach.

medIQ through its holistic virtual care platform is making healthcare services ‘patient centred’ instead of hospital centred’.

The organization is revolutionizing healthcare by moving away from brick-and-mortar health facilities and bringing healthcare to the doorstep with convenience, customization and cost reduction.

DeafTawk is an online sign language interpretation service through mobile applications available both on Android and iOS.

DeafTawk aims to empower the deaf community across the globe by providing quality sign language services. In this way, deaf people can easily include in society and effectively participate in their desired fields. DeafTawk won the best start-up, Asia Pacific, by UNDP.

This constructive collaboration will indeed create a healthy and inclusive environment for the deaf community.


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