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Daraz Wins Big at Retail Asia Awards 2021


Daraz is at it again! The ecommerce giant has won big at the Retail Asia Awards 2021. The company has been honored with the awards in the ‘E-Mall of the Year’ and the ‘CSR Initiative of the Year’ categories. The first award has been given on basis of the DarazMall which is a safe and secure channel to sell high quality services and products. The DarazMall is a big hit since its launch in 2019, the mall has been a major contribtor to ecommerce growth in countries like Bangladesh, Maynmar, Nepal, and now Pakistan.

“Delivering Dreams” – Daraz Partners Pakistan Olympic Association, read more here.

DarazMall was able to provide its customers with a huge range of products when the pandemic was at its peak. The store has allowed both consumers and dealers to develop a close relationship with each other. The dealers have successfully fulfilled customer demands through this channel. Daraz also urilized its own delivery service during strict lockdown known as Daraz Express (DEX) which helped it to deliver parcels urgently to customers.

The CEO of Daraz Grouo shared his views on the DarazMall,

“DarazMall is our dedicated channel within our marketplace business that provides access to guaranteed, authentic, and licensed goods directly fulfilled by brands and authorized distributors. In 2020, we accelerated the growth of brands and we now have more than 3,000 brands on our platform with more than 1 million products that we are selling to the consumers.”

The second award for the ‘CSR Initiative of the Year’ has been given on account of Daraz’s Seller Stimulus Program. Throught this program Daraz has been able to keep busiensses of 150,000 Daraz-dependent vendors alive during the pandemic.

“We are deeply honored to be awarded the ‘E-mall of the Year’ and the ‘CSR Initiative of the Year’ awards. Both of these awards are a testament to our commitment to South Asia and we really look forward to continuing our growth alongside their communities,” added Bjarke Mikkelsen, CEO Daraz Group.

He also empasized,

“For our customers, we enable the access to the greatest variety of products through an interactive and personalized journey. Whereas for our sellers, it means that we’re breaking down the barriers of entry to reach audiences beyond their local markets and educate them on the power of commerce and ease of doing business online.”

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