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Daraz Pakistan organizes Seller Summit 2022

Daraz connects over 20 million customers monthly to more than 200,000 businesses.


On October 8, 2022, Daraz, the top e-commerce site in the nation, held its Seller Summit 2022 in Karachi.

These yearly gatherings are planned with the intention of getting in touch with platform merchants directly, educating them on current policies and standards changes that will benefit them. And helping to give customers a more satisfying experience.

A summit was also held in Lahore prior to Karachi, and more than 1500 sellers attended all three events. In order to help them achieve development during this significant e-commerce event. The participating merchants were also educated on the approaching 11.11 sale through critical data, customer behavior, and trends. After the epidemic, the previous two seller summits were done remotely. This was the first one to be attended in person.

Daraz also intends to conduct meetups in Peshawar and Faisalabad in the near future. To maintain contact with their seller community. Last week, a gathering was planned for Islamabad.

Speaking to the vendors, it was revealed that sales were up 38% this year, orders were up 37%, and there were more than 36,000 active sellers each month. Additionally, it was disclosed that a budget of over PKR 700 million has been allocated for awarding new sellers. In order to motivate them to continue delivering high-caliber service. Daraz has invested over $100 million in the last three years to create an e-commerce ecosystem and the infrastructure to support this growth for years to come. As a platform, Daraz connects over 20 million customers monthly to more than 200,000 businesses.

Growing Daraz’s vendor base in smaller cities has received special attention this year. And the results have been outstanding, with 329 sellers in Daska, 180 sellers in Hayatabad, 467 sellers in Mian Channu, and 385 sellers in Swat. It is currently Pakistan’s fourth-largest platform, behind TikTok, Facebook, and Google.

“Our seller community is the foundation of Daraz, thus we make sure to maintain constant engagement with them. And introduce programs that promote their expansion. The country’s overall e-commerce ecosystem will benefit from training vendors on best practices to adhere to for customer excellence and sharing our own learnings. The average income of our sellers has climbed by 70% over the past three years.

Our goal for our sellers is for them to build not just successful enterprises but also lasting legacies for future generations. Managing Director of Daraz Pakistan, Ehsan Saya, remarked.
As a special guest at the occasion, Sunny Ali, founder and CEO of Extreme Commerce, said, “Daraz’s commitment to laying a solid basis for Pakistan’s e-commerce business is admirable. They are creating new opportunities for economic growth in the nation by encouraging new business owners. To launch their online ventures and guiding them and offering support along the way.

Every year, we hold these summits to assist our sellers in getting ready for the impending grand 11.11 sale. Which has grown to be the most anticipated shopping occasion in the nation. We have already experienced tremendous growth on our platform this year. Which ultimately helps our sellers and contributes to their success. We are working to make 11.11 this year bigger and better than in the past, and we believe that our knowledge will enable merchants to generate a lot more revenue. By Muhammad Ammar Hassan, Daraz Pakistan’s chief marketing officer.

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