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CxO’s InsurTech Summit to revolutionize the industry


InsurTech, which describes the use of technology in insurance transactions and processes, is now an industry sector in itself. The insurance sector’s use of technologies has accelerated to improve of traditional insurance processes and models.

InsurTech is having both disruptive and transformative effects on the retail and commercial parts of the insurance industry. It is leading to radical change in product development, distribution, modeling, underwriting, and claims and administration practices. Its effects are multifaceted and have the potential to improve the way the market operates, but also result in outcomes that are of concern to regulators.

Awareness, mitigation, and management of the risks associated with the use of InsurTech are vital in a sector undergoing such rapid change.

CxO Global Forum is planning to launch InsurTech Summit 2022 online globally on 8-9 September 2022 with the participation of renowned InsurTech experts including Muhammad Aminuddin, CEO of TPL Insurance, Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan, and Aamir Ejaz, CDO Jazz. “TPL Insurance” is our co-sponsor and event partner for this InsurTech 2022. The summit is also partnered with EFU Life & Salam Takaful.


CxO Global Forum is an emerging knowledge-sharing platform designed to bring together global thought leaders and empower them to create a global impact in the areas of Technology, Disruption, Transformation & Innovation. CxO believes that change can best be achieved by bringing together thought leaders from all walks of life to contribute to our ever-expanding knowledge economy.


TPL Insurance is the first insurance company in Pakistan to sell general insurance products directly to the consumer. Since its launch in 2005, the company has grown from strength to strength, delivering superior and hassle-free Insurance products to individual and corporate clients. TPL Insurance currently provides a complete range of innovative insurance solutions.

The concept of making a flagship (2 days) InsurTech summit with more than 100 stakeholders & thought leaders, presenting the education & technology ecosystem along with a greater reach with an online digital presence all over the world is to build an impact on Digital Insurance with the help of transformation, disruption, technology, innovation, and internationalization.

The world is moving from a global economy to a knowledge economy and we all have to be ready for the future. With the help of global exposure and domain experts, we are going to hit the major Insurance sector & startup sector across the globe. Pakistan’s overall economic outlook undergoes various loopholes. Its GDP growth rate is around 5.8 percent. Its per capita income is $1,600 and about 40pc of the country’s population lives below the poverty line.

In this backdrop, fostering a knowledge economy is extremely important. This is the age of information technology, which is an incredibly worthy source of the knowledge economy. Insurance, especially, InsurTech is growing very fast and the dynamics are changing by adapting innovative technology, Business Intelligence tools, and data to help the ecosystem of digital insurance.

Above all, the purpose is to establish a way forward for a new Insurance ecosystem, digitization & embedding technology along with innovation in Digital Insurance in emerging markets with thought leaders to learn and brainstorm the most effective strategies for adapting the new technologies, data & business intelligence by understanding the ecosystem

In conclusion, the industry is going to learn from the knowledge shared by the global domain experts through case studies, digital round-tables, and panel discussions. Moreover, the InsurTech summit will generate white papers for the industry and corporate sector to adopt the new terms, technologies, and systems. The impact will be on millions of lives and upcoming emerging startups to learn from global disruptors, thought leaders, and agents of change for a sustainable knowledge economy.

The InsurTech summit will be broadcasted live on CxO Global TV on 8 – 9 September 2022 from 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM Pakistan Standard Time.

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