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CxO Global Forum launches HealthTech Summit – 2022

Technology defines our Future by changing lifestyles and establishing new norms! CxO launches its first online HealthTech Summit-2022.


Technology defines our Future by changing lifestyles and establishing new norms! CxO launches its first online HealthTech Summit-2022. 

CxO Global Forum is an emerging knowledge-sharing platform designed to bring together global thought leaders and empower them to create a global impact in the areas of Technology, Disruption, Transformation & Innovation. We believe that change can best be achieved by bringing together thought leaders from all walks of life to contribute to our ever-expanding knowledge economy.

The global shift from an agrarian and industrial economy to a knowledge economy is increasing rapidly in pace and it is essential that our thinking remains ahead of the transition. Our aim is to bring together domain experts in the health technology sector from around the globe to support Pakistan’s health services infrastructure.

Pakistan’s health sector GDP growth rate is around 11%. In nominal terms, the health budget has increased from around Rs25.5 billion in FY’21 to Rs28.3bn in FY’22. The Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors represent significant components of Pakistan’s economy. Indeed, following the situation created by the global Covid-19 pandemic, attention to the health sector remains a major focus for many governments, including the Government of Pakistan. The country’s economic situation is especially challenging – per capita income is $1,600 and about 40 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

Keeping this backdrop in mind, the need for a knowledge-sharing platform to address common challenges was clear, especially given the transformational role information technology can play in improving living standards if correctly applied.

CxO Global Forum launched the first HealthTech Summit – 2022 online globally with the participation of renowned HealthTech experts. The focus on HealthTech was because of its potential to change lives and because it represents the fastest-growing vertical within the healthcare sector. The summit was sponsored by “Meri Pharmacy” and “Hashmanis Group of Hospitals” and supported by partners including The Aga Khan University, Xeven Health, Xeven Solutions, ARY Digital Network, and DigiTrends.

The Summit brought together experts from different countries onto the CxO Global Forum. It was initiated with a keynote speech by Cathy Turner, Associate Vice President at MEDITECH, who spoke about how Health Technology is affecting human lives. She also discussed the modernization of the industry, including the need for greater IT adoption in the health sector, which can transform patient outcomes and improve results for all healthcare stakeholders. Ms. Turner also shared the model MEDITECH is following to improve human lives.


The keynote presentation was followed by a panel discussion on “Lessons Learned in the Implementation of EHR in LMIC Countries”. This unique discussion had distinguished experts such as Shaukat Ali Khan, CIO of The Aga Khan University; Dr. Carl Amrhein, Provost and Vice President, Academic of The Aga Khan University; Howard Messing, Vice Chairman of MEDITECH; and Arsalan Hashmani, Group CEO of Hashmanis Group of Hospitals. They discussed the impact of technology and innovation on the field, as well as challenges affecting its implementation. The speakers also focused on the roadmap required for the industry to succeed.

The panel discussion was followed by a case study entitled “Challenging Conventional Medical Wisdom in the Age of Data and Disruption” presented by Dr. Asad I. Mian, Director at The Critical Creative Innovative Thinking (CCIT) Forum. The presentation demonstrated that Pakistan’s disease burden clearly justified the need for further health innovation. He openly discussed the challenges faced by the country and shared the importance of De Novo Healthcare innovation. He emphasized the need to challenge conventional medical wisdom as a prerequisite for progress in an age of data and disruption.


A second-panel discussion took place on the topic of “Digital Health Data: Leveraging technology for better healthcare delivery”. Participants included Dr. Tazeen H. Rizvi, Digital Health Transformation Expert, HealthTech Advisor & Disruptor; Irfan Malik, Founder & CEO of Xeven Solutions; Syed Munawar Ali, Head of Clinical Operations, IQVIA Pakistan; Dr. Fahad Ahmed, Physician and Scientist, American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine; and Bilal Amjid, CEO of InstaCare. The panel discussed the importance of data in improving patients’ lives. They also discussed the role of educational institutions, especially universities, as an important player in the HealthTech data revolution. Universities, after all, are nerve centers of data innovation. The panel also highlighted a greater need to educate students and the general public. The topics of data security had the attention, and the future of data science and digitization in Pakistan versus other countries such as the US.

The panel discussion was followed by a presentation from Adil Naeem, CEO / Founding Team Member, Meri Pharmacy. He shared his vision and plans, highlighting issues faced by the local pharmacy sector. However, attention also given to the fact, that startups are adopting technology to grow and facilitate their customer base. Additionally, he presented Meri Pharmacy’s plans to build a managed marketplace to digitize, aggregate, and optimize healthcare in Pakistan. Which is currently very fragmented.

The Summit served as a platform for “Ailaaj”, as presented by the company’s Co-Founder, Bilal Mumtaz. Participants got an introduction to Ailaaj’s vision for Pakistan’s fragmented healthcare market. Ailaaj is Pakistan’s first full-stack digital healthcare company and provides a personalized, end-to-end healthcare experience, from diagnosis by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) certified doctors, to medication delivery, corporate health & wellness monitoring, and ongoing patient care – Ailaaj ensures each and every healthcare need is taken care of, supported by an exceptional panel of experienced doctors and pharmacists.


The third-panel discussion entitled “Integrated communication and awareness: A strategic priority in digital health” followed. This panel discussion featured Dr. Maida Affan, Marketing Director, Xeven Solutions; M. Sulaiman Khan, Healthcare MarCom & Strategy Specialist; Dr. Maimoona Azhar, Founder & CEO of Telegenz; Ahmad Ansari, Head of Communications at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust; Dr. Hina Ghole, Chief Medical Officer, BIMA Mobile Pakistan; and Faizan Ahmed Tirmizi, Director of Medical Technology & Innovations, Social Medicine Initiative. The panel experts focused on the role of communication in the digitization of the healthcare system. They also discussed how government should play a role in HealthTech. Moreover, they agreed that Senior Doctors can play a key role in spreading awareness of digital health technologies, while also emphasizing the criticality of an effective digital communication strategy to ensure the sector’s success.


A fourth-panel discussion subsequently took place entitled “Medicines, Innovation and the Value of Transformation”. This panel discussion featured Bilal Mumtaz, Co-Founder of Ailaaj; Adil Naeem, CEO / Founding Team Member of Meri Pharmacy; Furquan Kidwai, Founder and CEO of Dawaai; Wasif Khan, CEO at DVAGO Pharmacy & Wellness Experts; Dr. Amjad Mahmood, Chairman, Rehabilityuk & Hellodoctor; and Dr. Saira Siddique, CEO & Founder, medIQ Smart Healthcare. The experts discussed the importance and usage of medicines in Pakistan. They jointly expressed that healthcare systems need to adopt greater innovation and technology to become more efficient in drug delivery for patients, and that transformation was a recurring requirement of the healthcare sector.

A case study entitled “Standardized digital quality and safety measures used in performance improvement, payment programs, and public reporting” followed. This case study was presented by Zahid Butt, Founder, and CEO of Medisolv Inc., a company leveraging data for performance measurement and analytics to improve the quality of care and patient safety. The case study highlighted digital quality and safety measures used in different processes for performance monitoring. Butt also linked the case to payment platforms and the role digitalization can play in ensuring safe and secure payments.

Another case study followed entitled “Aligning Goals and Change Management” by Dr. K Nadeem Ahmed, Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), Aga Khan University. Dr. Ahmed highlighted the importance of goals and establishing a strategy to reach those goals. He emphasized that the adoption of new technologies and ongoing innovation are constants in the healthcare sector and that resistance to change was usually not due to opposition to innovation, but a general unwillingness to change because it requires additional effort.


The fifth and final panel discussion, “Pharma’s role in Digital Transformation” subsequently took place. This panel included Dr. Beena Ali, engaged in Medical Affairs in the healthcare and life sciences industry; Haroon Qassim, Managing Director, PharmEvo (Pvt.); Samad Saleem, CEO of Digitrends; and Dr. Tazeen H. Rizvi, Digital Health Transformation Expert, HealthTech Advisor & Disruptor. The panel discussed the pharmaceutical industry and how it can adopt new technology and innovation. They concluded that digital transformation is occurring in every field of healthcare and that the pharmaceutical industry needs to take part in this shared digital transformation.

Maliha Charania, the cybersecurity professional, presented last session of the Summit. Entitled “Women in Healthcare IT and Cybersecurity”, Charania shared her views on the role of women in society today, highlighting the increasing contributions women make each day in many different fields. She also highlighted that healthcare is a major sector for IT and cybersecurity and women can play a significant role in this area where there is a dearth of strong professionals.

After the last session, the Summit was officially closed by Anza Saqib, moderator of the HealthTech Summit – 2022. This was a major initiative where the CxO Global Forum provided a significant platform for experts in different fields to exchange ideas, innovations, and creativity. Participants, including many senior leaders in Pakistan’s healthcare sector, walked away with a stronger understanding of how technological advancements can and must play a role in improving society and living standards through HealthTech.

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