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CxO Global Forum & Iqra University organize “CxO C-Talk”

CxO C-Talk sheds light on “Importance of Data Analytics” with the views of important C level officers


CxO Global Forum organized C-Talk in collaboration with Iqra University on 14th December 2022 at Iqra University, Karachi. The C-Talk is a specially designed show with a series of episodes planned every month at different universities. The C-Talk will be on different topics with the presence of C-Level executives from different industries to make a linkage between students and corporates.

Iqra University offers multiple educational pathways for professional, intellectual and creative development through its meticulously designed continuing education programs.

CxO Global Forum is an emerging knowledge-sharing platform designed to bring together global thought leaders and empower them to create a global impact in the areas of Technology, Disruption, Transformation & Innovation. CxO believes that change can best be achieved by bringing together thought leaders from all walks of life to contribute to our ever-expanding knowledge economy.

This C-Talk was attended by several C-Level executives and students of Iqra University. They discussed on the topic “Importance of Data Analytics”


At first, Dr. Mansoor Ibrahim, HOD of Software Engineering department at Iqra University Karachi, delivered a welcome note. He shared the agenda of C-Talk in Iqra University. He stressed that Iqra University strives hard to get industry and academics to collaborate and fill that gap. So, we have started this series of C-Talks. He also explained that today’s talk will be revolving around “Importance of Data Analytics”. Furthermore, we will discuss the role of leadership as an entrepreneur so that it will be a good session, and hopefully, it will be great learning for all.

CxO C-Talk is happening with the partnership of Iqra University and CxO Global Forum, the biggest platform which was formed by some of the pioneers and one of them is with us. Mr. Ashfaq, a pioneer of CxO Global Forum, told the audience about CxO’s vision and C-Talks. CxO Global is one of the Pakistani-origin Networks now available for the International Community and Pakistan. We have a vast number of C-level executives in this club. We have almost 20% of the C-levels from the international community, and these members are from UAE, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Canada, and other parts of the world.

We are focusing hard and trying different innovative ideas to collaborate with the C-levels executives in Pakistan. Our vision is to develop a forum for a group that can collaborate with businesses and work with different universities and startups. We organize various conferences and execute talks on CxO Global TV. CxO Global Forum is here to support the youth to reach to new heights in terms of Digitization, innovation and creativity. He thanked everyone for joining this C-Talk.

C-Talk is a series of talks which we are planning to conduct every month in different universities on different topic more relevant to the corporate sector and to the students to create a linkage between corporate sector & students.

Then Mr. Azhar Nawaz, Group CIO at Angro, discussed the importance of data and analytics. He discussed how the data is processed and what’s the importance of it. In simple words, he explained that Data is so much important that Technology is dependent on data. Without data, you cannot order food online, travel online, or to use any technology. He stressed that corporate needs to be changed to get involved with the youth.

He also discussed that we should also focus on the processing on data.  Where is the data coming from? How the data is processing? The data plays an important role in decision making. You need to understand how the technology works if you want to grow in the business. He also interacted with the audience and responded to their questions.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Khan, Global CIO at Agha Khan University Hospital. He expressed happiness to join Iqra University so soon again. Then, he initiated his talk by advising the students to learn and learn more new things every day. He thanked CxO Global Forum for inviting him on such an important Talk and appreciated for all the efforts CxO & Iqra University.

He explained that data has changed the whole world. Moreover, he cited the president of Estonia who changed the destiny of Estonia by using the data. The data resulted in huge government administration efficiency. In 30 years, Estonia solved a lot of issues and given a platform for bigger investments with the help of data. He explained how Google Maps, Travel Apps etc. are changing our life styles. Every industry is using the data to progress and prosper. He stressed on the importance of data in health sector. In simple words, the data is saving lives.

The moderator Mr. Shah Abdullah Raza, Chief Information Officer at Indus Motors, thanked for everyone’s presence and introduced the panelists. Then he initiated the talk on data, its role and importance.

Mr. Javad Paracha from IBM, explained that data is something through which you can draw any conclusion. The magic comes when you truly understand the data. He explained this by explaining the heartbeat rate.

Ms. Shazia Hammad, CEO, Expert Digital, explained the data by mentioning the nature of job Intelligence agencies do, they collect data, they alert the authorities before disaster happens and this is how the data saves lives. The data alerts the companies about the progress and health of the company to make necessary changes before anything big happens.

Mr. Jalil Ahmed Farooqui, Group Head Sales, Avanza Solutions, gave his view that data is playing a role as oxygen in this technology driven world. He stressed that timely use of data is very important, otherwise it becomes useless. He then cited big apps working in Pakistan. Then he explained how the data played an important role in shaping up Avanza Solutions.

Mr. Muhammad Munaf, CEO, Server4Sale, explained that first we need to understand that transfer of the information is the data. This data is in every single thing of our life. He also stressed that the whole marketing is depending on data for every company. Then he also stressed the importance of Chat GPT. He explained various data points working in the industry. At the end, he shed light on the importance of security and processing of data.

At the end of the talk, the panelists responded to the queries of the participants. The conclusion came to a point that data is very important in today’s technology era. But meanwhile, it is also very important that we secure the data and use this in a good way. Moreover, everyone agreed that AI is the future and we should always keep ourselves updated and be connected with data.

You can watch the whole C-Talk session on this Link: CxO C-Talk 14 Dec 2022

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