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CxO Global Forum Hosts Pakistan EdTech Summit 2021


The Pakistan EdTech Summit 2021 was held under the CxO Global Forum on the 4th and 5th of June 2021. The 2-day event with more than 50 stakeholders & thought leaders, presenting the education & technology ecosystem along with a greater reach with an online digital presence all over the world is to build an impact of Education & Technology with the help of transformation, disruption, technology, innovation, and internationalization.

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The Purpose of the Pakistan EdTech Summit 2021

The purpose behind this event is to establish a way forward for a new education system, digitization & embedding technology along with Industry-Academia Linkages in emerging markets with thought leaders to learn and brainstorm the most effective strategies for teaching and learning with best practices from across the globe.

The speakers of the event were some of the most renowned personalities around the world. They are known to have great exposure in the Education and Technology department. Some of the prominent names include Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman – Chairman PM’s National Task Force on Science and Technology, Jaye Richards-Hill – MEA HQ Education Team at Microsoft, Sadaf Shaikh – Chief Information Office Pepsico, Dr. Sahibzada Ali Mahmud – MD KPITB, Faisal Sherjan – Strategic Advisor, Faisal Mushtaq – CEO & Founder, The Millennium Education.

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The EdTech Summit 2021 brought together valuable ideas and disseminated important pieces of information that were truly enlightening. Some of the wise words are shared below:

“We need to adjust and adapt to the new system of education. Our students are growing up in a world different from our own – as global citizens. It is our responsibility to adjust and adapt our teaching methods. To ensure they meet global success and have their voices heard.” – Inge Marie Urbancic (Founder, Pakistani American Teachers of English Networks – PATEN, English Professor)

“Pakistan has proven itself to be a very competent market and we are seeing startups gather good funding.” – Mahnoor Nadeem, Group Vice President, RedTone Telecommunication Pakistan

“The only thing certain in a digital world is digital uncertainty” – Faisal Mushtaq (CEO & Founder, The Millennium Education)

“We are not focused in linking what we learn at universities with the industry” – Zouhair Khaliq, Member of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on IT & Telecom, Co-Founder Teamup Group

“The real problem around girls not attending schools is the infrastructure, the mobility – how will she go to school? Edtech solves that problem” – Salman Tufail, Disruptor VC Entrepreneur Accelerator, General VP Immersive Planet MEA, Chairman PEG

“…Its obvious that we cannot address the problem of education in Pakistan till we create models which use technology for solutions at exponential scale” – Faisal Sherjan, Director, LUMS Center For Entrepreneurship, co-founder Patari, Bookme, XGear, AutoX, Cfx

The Outcome of the Pakistan EdTech Summit 2021

The industry is going to learn from the knowledge shared by the domain experts with case studies, digital round-tables, and panel discussions. The EdTech summit will generate white papers for the industry and corporate sector to adopt the new terms, technologies, and systems. The impact will be on millions of lives. Moreover, the upcoming emerging startups to learn from global disruptors thought leaders and agents of change for a sustainable knowledge economy.

What is CxO Global Forum?

The CxO Global Forum Network is an invitation-only membership exclusively for Chief investment/information officers and technology officers, financial & marketing, executive officers & country heads from the world’s largest and most influential companies. The forum is to get global exposure especially in digital transformation & innovation around the globe.

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