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CXO Global Forum & Digitrends join hands


CxO Global Forum and Digitrends announce their partnership: Digitrends joins the enterprise alliance with CxO to strengthen the digital transformation of health care and innovative expansion of technology globally.

CxO Global Forum Network, an invitation-driven membership platform created exclusively for chief technological investors and financial marketers, and Digitrends, a software firm and a leading digital solutions provider based in the USA, Karachi, UAE, and Dubai, announced last week their enterprise alliance to classify key tech defies and target prime innovation prospects. And CxO global generates a platform for Digitrends to highlight their technological innovations in the healthcare sector in Pakistan as well as other tech projects.

Combining forces with CxO Global Forum with enterprise membership provides Digitrends with several opportunities as:
  • Featured articles in CxO Global magazine and exclusive partner interview with CxO Global TV. Digitrends aims to target its achievements through this opportunity.
  • CxO market meetups shall aid Digitrends to explore the global stance on the digitalization of the healthcare sector.
  • Further, CxO TV exclusives, TECH Discussions Business Pro, The Money Show Business, Flix TECH, Baithak The Leaders Show, The CxO Show, and Fintech Show, to name a few, shall highlight how Digitrends can resolve the conventional-issue through digital solutions.
  • CxO Global app and Merchant reliefs shall drive larger business through positive community interaction.
  • Via C-level conferences and global events, Digitrends aims to share tech-worthy ideas and have a share in the innovative drive of the CxO Global Forum.
  • The monthly virtual Business Symposium grants a universal platform to Digitrends for sharing its business proposals and ground-breaking ideas.
CEO Digitrends Samad Saleem spoke at the Health Tech summit 2022. During the panel discussion on “Pharma’s role in digital transformation”, the panel elaborated insights on the necessity of technological advancement in the pharmaceutical industry.

I am in this industry since 2008, we introduced E Detailing in 2009. Prior to Covid-19, unfortunately, National pharmaceuticals were not proactive towards digital engagement and conventional methods were preferred. However, Covid came as a blessing in disguise. E-detailing, multichannel marketing, and digitalization in pharmaceuticals and the overall healthcare sector are the future that can not be avoided. Covid brought the innovation of telemedicine earlier than expected in Pakistan, and Digitrends was bombarded for digitalized solutions.
In order to keep up with the pace, national pharmaceuticals need to encourage employee engagement as it’s still necessary to understand digitalization and multi-channel marketing to get the full benefits of omnichannel platforms.”

The partnership creates a credible ground to reach a larger audience via Global CxO magazine features and the digital portal. Digitrends shakes hands with CxO Global Forum to establish new norms through digitalization.

About Digitrends

Digitrends is a Manifest 2022 top-ranked software house and digital solutions provider firm, meeting different sectors’ digitalization needs since 2000. Digitrends, being the official 2022 member of Forbes Technology Council, has well recognition by Inc. 5000, DesignRUSH, Clutch, and Good firms.

Ranging its offices in the USA, UK, UAE to Pakistan, Digi trends has been providing customized digital solutions to the healthcare sector, primarily pharmaceuticals; education, finance, and other regions. With a diverse expert team, they have delivered exceptional AR/VR, artificial intelligence (AI), and financial technology (Fintech) projects.



Email: info@digitrends.co

About CxO Global Forum

CxO Global is providing vast exposure and a global branding platform to Pakistani and international entrepreneurs, innovators, and proactive professionals.

CxO Global believes that networking is the key practice for professional career expansion. Hence, they are leveraging like-mind thinkers in technology, informational, financial, and marketing sectors to connect with the world, while sharing challenges faced along the way and broadening their horizons.

In conclusion, CxO Global Forum Network is a membership-only club that aids in the international industrial visibility of influential companies via social media interactions, meetups, digital media marketing, and partnership features. Their partnership plans range from basic to enterprise level.


Email: hello@cxoforum.global

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