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Covalent and Benchmatrix Introduce AML As A Service

Covalent is the best option for any business looking for a pay-as-you-grow model


Covalent disclosed that it had collaborated with Benchmatrix to provide AML As A Service to Digital Banks and EMI. With the first customer’s complete implementation.

Furthermore, It was a no-brainer for Covalent to team up with Benchmatrix, the market leader in the AML platform field. To offer the same platform under a SAAS model.

According to Taimur Kaleem, CEO of BenchMatrix in Pakistan, “We were searching for a partner to enable a SAAS service for one of our strategic customers. And we luckily got connected to Covalent’s nimble and ever-ready operations team. We look forward to many more successful projects together.”

“Benchmatrix has made a name for itself not just in Pakistan but throughout the world. Irfan Fazli, Founder and Group CEO of BenchMatrix, said, “With this joint venture, we look forward to aiding Digital Banks, EMIs, FIs, NBFIs. As well as, DFIs in their ongoing efforts towards AML/CFT Compliance with our seamless cloud-ready AML suite.

Imran Qureshi, CEO of Covalent and President of Access Group, said, “Covalent has quickly established itself as the market leader in the SAAS space. Ensuring that Covalent has everything required to completely allow a Digital Bank or an EMI off the ground within weeks.

Moreover, Shahzad Shahid, Director Covalent & CEO TPS, stated that “SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS-based offers are employed by enterprises throughout the globe who seek to abandon the conventional on-premise IT services that inherently require time to deliver, among other issues.”

“Covalent is the best option for any business looking for a pay-as-you-grow model. It is easy on the pocketbook for any entity desiring to scale quickly,” he continued. “Covalent has tried and tested XAAS services.

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