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ConsoliAds Opens An Immersive Experience For Advertising

ConsoliAds offers the chance to replicate real-world campaigns in accordance with IAB standards.

ConsoliAds provides new opportunities for highly adaptable, non-intrusive Immersive AdsTM (BETA) to boost their revenue. An Ad with comprehensive control that guarantees greater eCPMs for game creators and efficient marketing for advertisers.

ConsoliAds offers the chance to replicate real-world campaigns in accordance with IAB standards.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines were followed in the development of the Immersive AdsTM (BETA), which makes an ad impression count as soon as it is close enough to the game subject to be clickable and audible. Mobile publishers and marketers have full control to reproduce real-life campaigns into the world of a 2D or 3D mobile game thanks to Immersive AdsTM (BETA).

When it comes to  Immersive AdsTM (BETA) it is non-intrusive, scalable, and controllable.
It melds smoothly into a gaming environment, increasing the user experience without interfering with gameplay. Configuration of Immersive AdsTM (BETA) from ConsoliAds can be possible by utilizing numerous aspect ratios and media on various in-game objects as ad placeholders. Additionally, the presentation of the Immersive AdsTM (BETA) can be on a distinctive placeholder or recreated in various dimensions within a gaming environment.

An Effective Solution for Everyone

The Immersive AdsTM (BETA) makes a hybrid in-game advertising experience possible. For 2D and 3D mobile games, an adaptable, scalable in-game advertisement. It can be put on any in-game item to profit immediately without using any technical code.

Boost Revenue with Higher eCPMs

With Immersive AdsTM’s higher eCPMs (BETA) businesses can expand their income opportunities. It is one of the most sought-after ad formats among publishers and advertisers due to its very non-intrusive nature. While also having increased exposure, which generates higher eCPMs.
ConsoliAds Pte Ltd., a top platform for managing mobile advertisements, provides an unrivaled potential for mobile development in terms of monetization and user acquisition. Simultaneously, by delivering mobile adverts, the firm helps publishers of mobile apps to make money and increase in-app revenue. The platform is successful because it serves as a one-stop shop for possibilities to build mobile businesses.


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