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China develops the greatest magnetic field in the world

China surpasses the previous US record for the strongest magnetic field in the universe, reaching a strength of 45.22 teslas.


China manages to create the world’s strongest magnetic field. It measures 45.22 teslas (T) at China’s Steady High Magnetic Field Facility (SHMFF) located in Hefei.

The new record overcame the earlier one. Which had been achieved in 1999 by a hybrid magnet produced by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the United States, and stood at 45 (T).

The 32mm-bore superconducting outer ring of the Tesla hybrid magnet is sandwiched between a resistive insert and a superconducting inner ring. The magnet was finished in 2016. However, at that time, it could only generate a magnetic field of 40 teslas. Making it the second-highest magnet in the world.

The research teams at MagLab and SHMFF have each been developing their own hybrid magnets for a while. An outer superconducting ring and an inside resistive Bitter magnet (a magnet made of stacked plates) are used to create the magnetic field in this magnet. Each of these technologies has its own limitations. The Bitter magnet needs significantly more power input. While the superconducting magnet has a maximum magnetic field strength.

Professor Kuang Guangli, the academic director of the High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHMFL), stated;  “We improved the magnet’s structure and created new materials.  In order to produce a stronger magnetic field. The way the bitter discs were made was also optimized.”

One of the ten magnets created and used by CHMFL represents an important turning point for Chinese magnetic technology.

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