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Careem Introduces Carpooling Service

The average office worker is most impacted by the present economic situation because of the dramatic increase in gasoline prices throughout the world. In order to better serve its corporate customers, Careem, the Super App of the broader Middle East and Pakistan, has added a carpooling option to its corporate portfolio, known as Careem for Business (C4B).

When using the Careem carpooling service, coworkers from the same organization who live close by will receive an optimum route for their daily journey from their homes to and from workplaces. Each pool of cars has three (3) persons in it.

In addition to receiving perks like door-to-door pickup/drop-off, automated processing, a dedicated focal person, and a safe, secure, and hassle-free trip from the corporate fleet, this will allow the working part of society to save travel and fuel expenditures. Several reputable companies are now using this service, including Nestle, Sapphire, Packages Limited, BASF, Sadatech, Acascus, Repair Desk, etc.

Similarly, Careem has also unveiled a full and half-day model. That will grant you access to a dedicated Captain and car for 12 hours and 6 hours, respectively. Customers can travel to inactive locations and take intercity rides to places that are not in operation under this concept.

Feroz Jaleel, Country Head, Careem Pakistan, commented on this effort and stated. “In the present economic situation, everyone is experiencing difficult times, and it is our obligation to alleviate some problems. The recently implemented carpooling program can increase productivity at work by reducing strain. As its name implies, Careem will always be generous in relieving the suffering of the public. By setting the bar for cutting-edge ride-hailing services.

Careem is delivering corporate services to numerous business partners. Such as Jazz, K-Electric, Telenor, Habib Bank Limited (HBL), United Bank Limited (UBL), Haleeb Foods, and Afiniti. In order to fulfill its mission of making commutes to and from work easier. And better for those who use the service.

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