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Careem Extends Apology, Waives-Off Ride Fare, Promises Full Refund, PKR 1k Top-up after “Technical Glitch”


In a rather unusual turn of events, the vehicle for hire company “Careem” charged its customers extra money in what was reported as a “Technical Malfunction” at the company’s end. The system error had led to customers being charged in foreign currencies such as Dollars, and Dirhams. A customer who was supposed to be charged PKR 1000 was instead charged US$ 1000. The amount adds up to a staggering PKR 152, 800 which obviously created a wave of panic among Careem users!

Since the money deducted was substantial, the customers who underwent the Careem technical glitch panicked and took this issue to social media platforms. Careem was quick to respond to the customer’s concerns and revealed that the reason behind the issue was a technical glitch.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused. The amount was charged in a different currency due to a configuration error. It has been rectified immediately. Please be assured that reimbursement will be made as per banking procedures. Please feel free to reach out for further clarity”.

It should also be noted that customers were also charged an additional 3.5% fee which is the usual rate charged for using Pakistani credit cards for carrying out international transactions. Once the technical glitch was taken care of Careem notified its customers of the actions taken to rectify their mistake. They reassured Careem-users that the full amount will be refunded to the people who were charged in excess. Additionally, the fare for the particular ride will be completely waived off. As a token of apology Careem has also added  PKR 1000 to the Careem Pay Wallets for these customers.

The refunds will be carried out in a few weeks in Pakistan.

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