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Buyer Protection : The Secret to Successful E-Commerce in Pakistan

Daraz may appear to be just a platform, but it is actually a fully developed ecosystem made up of many different parts.

The Pakistani e-commerce market has a long history of building consumer trust and raising awareness of itself. Online shopping was once frowned upon or at least questioned till a few years ago.

Despite the efforts of a few major actors to address these issues. Customers only made small-ticket purchases because they were unwilling to spend money on expensive things before seeing them in person at physical stores. Online purchases tended to be ‘nice-to-have’ items rather than significant ones. Making ensuring that the buyers, who make up the majority of e-commerce platform users, felt safe was a significant portion of the issue.

This substantially changed as a result of the epidemic, which led to an acceleration in the expansion of internet purchasing. With technology filling in the gaps for many people to stay up with the constantly changing and expanding world around them, the lack of the option to physically visit places to buy products contributed to the surge.

Despite this development, Pakistan’s whole retail market still only accounts for about 2% of e-commerce. This demonstrates unequivocally that the expansion of e-commerce in Pakistan is not only necessary but also unavoidable. The speed at which this occurs would depend on a number of variables, but the most important thing would be to gain the trust of customers by giving them a smooth experience.

In Pakistan’s new era of digitization, Daraz has developed and expanded as the industry leader in e-commerce. They expanded into new areas while delivering products from a wide range of brands, categories, and prices to one of the largest young populations on earth.

20 million Pakistanis visited Daraz during its most recent 11.11 flagship sale event, during which 5 million things were ordered. These figures give a clear picture of how far e-commerce has developed throughout the nation. To win over customers, however, required a number of actions and initiatives during this trip.

Daraz may appear to be just a platform, but it is actually a fully developed ecosystem made up of many different parts. That has contributed to consistently positive customer experiences and the settlement of complaints. As a platform that houses more than 70% of vendors and ships millions of orders every day.

The statistics of the about 35,000 merchants that took part in Daraz’s 11.11 sale this year, of whom 40% were from outside Pakistan. 18% were women, and 30% were new sellers on Daraz, which can be used to gauge the scalability of the sellers.

Keeping a careful eye on every delivery is a difficult chore due to the platform’s immense size. Daraz invests an average of $35,000 each month in buyer production to protect its customers from any fraudulent activities.

Customers may request a complete refund if they get an order that was damaged or that was misrepresented. Additionally, one of the main worries that customers have when making purchases online is that they are unable to file a complaint if they receive a defective or incorrect item. To meet this task, Daraz has continually put in the effort.

Daraz handled nearly 10,000 complaints during the big 11.11 sale campaign this year, with an average resolution time of 36 hours and 91% of the issues being cleared in under 72 hours.

While Daraz Mall, which acts as an extension of the e-commerce channel for a number of top brands, permits 14-day refunds. Their marketplace only allows returns within a seven-day period. For their convenience, disputed items are picked up from customers’ houses directly. So there is no need to worry about sending orders back to customers.

Daraz has been enticing users to post their reviews and ratings by offering incentives like coupons and prizes. And the platform now has approximately 100,000 marketplace sellers from all across the nation listed on it.

This year, 85% of the items purchased on 11.11 received five stars. As a result, customers can make more informed decisions, and vendors receive direct feedback to enhance their goods and services.

A first-of-its-kind service called Fulfilled by Daraz (FBD) was introduced solely by Daraz. It is made sure that all orders are securely packaged and promptly shipped from Daraz Fulfillment Centers.

A team of professionals working for FBD Service makes sure that orders are processed efficiently and in accordance with specifications. Appropriately packed despatched, and delivered to customers fast via Express Delivery.

Customers gave Daraz’s delivery services an overall satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5. Daraz’s riders delivered packages during the 11.11 sale to over 3,746 districts, towns, and cities throughout Pakistan.

Daraz has also made significant investments in upholding the best standards for its marketplace sellers. Their staff constantly communicates with sellers to gather their input and implement new policies that are advantageous for both them and users. They also work directly with merchants to educate them.

The Quality Control team at Daraz closely monitors fraudulent vendors in relation to a number of factors. Including returns, customer response time, the promptness with which orders are processed, and cancellations. Sellers who are the subject of complaints are issued warnings to improve their services. Then, those who don’t live up to Daraz’s standards are removed.

Since most consumers still choose cash on delivery because they don’t feel secure using their bank cards on online platforms. Digital payments in e-commerce have proven difficult to implement. Despite the enormous advantages that digital payments have for our economic expansion.

Daraz has put a lot of effort into developing a safe payment mechanism on its platform so that customers may shop online with confidence. To inform, entice, and motivate clients to use their cards and wallets, they have worked with programmes and banks.

More than 200,000 people chose digital payments through the 15 banks Daraz had collaborated with during the 11.11 event. Along with savings, they have been attempting to make it simpler for clients to pay online.

For instance, if you make a purchase using the Daraz Wallet and are displeased with it, you may get a refund every once, whereas, with cash, it would take longer to reach the recipient’s bank account.

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