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Breaking News: Google Takes on Climate Change by Sharing Critical Heat Alerts in Search!

The corporation claims that it will begin distributing the alerts this year, in addition to the same flood and wildfire warning systems it has created.

Heat Alerts

Google stated today in a blog post that it will provide new warnings for searches for extreme heat occurrences. Users searching for keywords such as “heatwave” will soon be able to access vital heat alerts information specific to their location.

The notice will include details such as when a heatwave is expected to start. It will conclude in a certain location, local news coverage of the event, and suggested safety measures. Hema Budaraju, senior director of product for health stated that the feature about heat alerts in the area is anticipated to launch in the second half of the year in the US. And it will also be launched in “a lot of nations,” including areas of Europe.

The “defining problem of our generation” is “climate change,” which is bringing forth new and extreme weather occurrences to which many of us are learning how to adapt.

The strategy expands on the company’s earlier initiatives to assist locals in staying informed about wildfires and floods. There are various nations where Google’s Maps wildfire tracking service is available, and there is also a tool called FloodHub.

The UK had a heatwave that broke all previous records. The temperatures beyond 40 degrees Celsius were recorded  (nearly 104 degrees Fahrenheit) for the first time ever. Scientists say that it have been impossible without climate change for UK to see these temperatures.

Google also announced that the nonprofit World Resources Institute (WRI) is the first recipient of its $30 million Google.org Impact Challenge. WRI will receive $5 million for a project that “will use sensors, satellite imagery. And AI to close data gaps,  humidity, surface reflectivity and heat vulnerability,” according to Google’s blog post.

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