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BMW will be the first automaker to employ Amazon Web Services

To process data from millions of its linked cars, the German automaker has agreed to use AWS's software. The new data processing service will debut in BMW's electric "Neue Klasse" automobiles.


According to a Thursday announcement from the two businesses, BMW will be the first automaker to use Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing platform to manage data from its connected automobiles.

According to BMW, there are currently almost 20 million connected vehicles on the road. For its upcoming portfolio of electric automobiles, BMW’s “Neue Klasse” platform will incorporate the AWS software. According to Nicolai Krämer, vice president of vehicle connectivity platforms at the BMW Group, this platform will “process almost treble the volume of vehicle data compared to the current generation of BMW cars.”
Software is used more than ever in modern vehicles to enable functions like telematics, navigation, and sophisticated driver assistance technologies.

In order to better handle all the data that these vehicles are producing. Automakers are increasingly entering license agreements with the powerful software companies of Silicon Valley. Moreover, the information is utilized to create brand-new digital goods that companies can market to consumers. And establish the framework for additional autonomous driving features in the future.

The AWS cloud platform, according to Amazon, provides a simple method. To manage big fleets of vehicles, collect vehicle data, and enhance the maintenance and repair process. Amazon said it is targeting other automakers as potential customers for its software. Moreover, according to Amazon, the platform can help automakers provide “advanced vehicle features and more tailored driver experiences at reduced prices.”

Furthermore, AWS’s cloud, according to the firms, is more secure than that of rival software suppliers. Since it will be immune to hacking and other cybersecurity issues. According to Amazon and BMW:

“A self-service mechanism that collects streaming vehicle data, easily adds new data sources, configures access in accordance with governance policies. And monitors the quality and health of streaming sources grants access to the data only to the internal domain experts of the BMW Group. Including vehicle application developers, fleet managers, data scientists, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and development engineers.”

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