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Bank Alfalah signs Avanza’s Unison Ace – CXM platform


Bank Alfalah, one of the largest and the technology-driven bank in Pakistan with a network of 700+ branches across more than 200 cities in the country, has signed Avanza Solutions – a pioneering Fintech organization, which provides digital platforms and services to multiple sectors worldwide, for Unison Ace – A Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform to enhance its customer experience and for enterprise-wide roll out within the bank.

Firstly, Avanza’s Unison Ace is a state-of-the-art CRM/CXM platform. That encapsulates several functionalities. And empowers organizations to outperform in the industry by providing a wide range of opportunities available to the consumer and the provider.

Therefore, Unison Ace’s architecture is based on the latest technology stack and best practices, allowing it to adapt to any environment flexibly and conveniently while enabling a digital environment that is easy to operate and supervise.

Meanwhile, with Avanza’s Unison Ace, Bank Alfalah’s pursuit towards digital transformation will be more seamless. It will create an integrated environment for sales, marketing, services, and other business functions, through a unified customer experience platform. Unison’s integrated network orbits around customer-centric strategies that provide ease of access to information maintaining consistency and flexibility.

Moreover, through its versatility, Avanza’s Unison will enable a synchronized experience for the bank, allowing them to communicate effectively across all customer touchpoints.

Key highlights of Unison Ace include:

  • an AI-driven sales using Next Best Action
  • salesforce automation
  • pre-built industry standards and practices
  • a unified interface (360° View) for comprehensive customer experience management across all customer touchpoints
  • an intuitive user interface
  • user experience.

Visual Design tools that enable customization and personalization around the system along with being secure, as well as compliant with regulatory frameworks and industry best practices.

Omer Ahmed Khan, CEO – Avanza Solutions, expressed his views:
“I would like to thank Bank Alfalah for giving us the opportunity to contribute towards banks’ customer-centric digital transformation drive. And for this, they have opted for Avanza’s customer experience platform.

Furthermore, this will help the bank grow and improve its experience across all customer touchpoints. By allowing it to enter the new era of modernization”

Mohib Hasan Khan, CIO – Bank Alfalah, also shared his views and said:
“Our customers form the basis of the innovations and solutions that we provide at Bank Alfalah. Over the years, we’ve built a robust reputation through constant improvements. And the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies. And tools that streamline the services we provide to consumers. Through this partnership with Avanza Solutions, we aim to further amplify this process of transformation and upscaling.”

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