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Bagallery revolutionizes Lahore’s Fashion industry


Bagallery is a company providing high end western fashion from every part of the world to your doorstep in Pakistan. After its successful presence in Karachi, Bagallery is now announcing the opening of a new warehouse in Lahore. Bagallery’s presence in Lahore will play an important role providing and uplifting the fashion quest for the locals.

It is the first company in fashion and beauty e-commerce platforms to have 2 central warehouses one in Karachi and one in Lahore. This will help them enhance their customer experience and also improve the delivery speed across Pakistan.

As we are aware that Pakistan is facing a tough time regarding its economy. But even in such times, Bagallery did not stop its services for its clients:

  • They pulled off mega event ‘Glamfest
  • Bagallery significantly improved their profitability in last 3 months
  • They opened a warehouse in Lahore
  • They bought one private labvel company

There is no doubt that the dedicated team is playing its key role behind this success.


Bagallery is a dedicated team of professionals working hard to provide high-end western fashion from every part of the world to your doorstep in only 18-25 Days. From runway inspired clothing and handbags tothe  collector’s dream list of watches, shoes, and fragrances, www.bagallery.com has everything to satisfy your thirst for fashion.


  • Women Fashion: Handbags, Shoes, Clothing, Accessories, Cosmetics
  • Men Fashion: Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Fragrances
  • Kids Fashion: Clothing, Shoes, Accessories

Why Bagallery?

  • Convenient shopping
  • Shop from 500+ brands
  • Excellent Customer Support

Place Order:

  • Visit bagallery.com
  • Explore the categories and choose your favorite product. Add it to your cart.
  • Fill in the details at checkout and place your order.
  • Sit back and relax. You’ll receive your order within 18-25 days.

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