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Avanza Solutions launches BakeCX


BakeCX is Powered by Avanza Solutions. It’s a single solution to all your business problems.

BakeCX calibrates customer experiences through innovative design strategies and progressive development techniques while modifying user journeys across all customer touchpoints. Tech experts at BakeCX pursue adaptable dynamics that, from the core, empower businesses worldwide to maximize their operational capabilities while unlocking their true potential in this digital landscape.

Bake CX empowers businesses to embrace a seamless design experience by redefining the customer journey uniquely and efficiently while maintaining perfect consistency and integrity.

Above all, Avanza Solutions is a global software solutions provider specializing in:

  • e-Business and e-Banking solutions
  • Enterprise Application Services
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Quality Services

Furthermore, Avanza serves clients worldwide, through a cross-section of industries, with a specific concentration in the banking, financial, and government sectors. The business philosophy’s foundation is on the importance of relationships and a persistent search for greater accomplishments.

At Bake CX, the Design Thinking process for enhancing UX aims at not only providing the customer with a seamless and delightful experience. But also addressing those irritating issues that eventually drive the customer away from your business.

Learn more about BakeCX: bakecx.com 

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