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Arsalan Hashmani, CEO- Hashmanis hospital, stands for excellence


Arsalan Hashmani, CEO- Hashmanis Hospital, is a detail-oriented individual. With years of diverse experience, he has the right combination of leadership skills, market knowledge and fluency, and problem solving. Hashmanis hospital stand firm in the name of excellence in eye care since decades. They are not only providing the patients with high-quality and advanced treatment but the team of Hashmanis is consistent to innovate and bring further new technologies to facilitate the health sector. Hashmanis hospital has pioneered and has expertise on ophthalmology for now. They plan on being the forefront on serving the nation in best possible way.  The research and development segment of Hashmanis is also credible. They make sure that they bring innovation from different parts of the world. The research department of Hashmanis is second to none.

Hashmanis hospital has not restricted itself to Ophthalmology but plan on expanding in other areas as well. Mr. Arsalan Hashmani understands the time frame a single specialty in medicine requires. ‘It took us (Hashmanis Hospital) 25 years to be the best in ophthalmology so we understand that expansion will take its time. It is not an overnight process’, he added. They are working on gynecology, pediatrics, and general medicine. Furthermore, they are critically focusing on research, development and training. They are working on the development of not just the doctors and physicians but technicians as well.

Price structure of Hashmanis Hospital

At Hashmanis Hospital, they have different price points for all three areas; primary, secondary and surgery. The quality of services they are providing is compatible to any leading hospital in Pakistan. The surgical area of the hospital is however expensive, considering the equipment used. However, the prices for all treatments are set considering the cost of procedure, other fixed expenses and charges of other hospitals as well, keeping it as budget friendly as possible. Moreover, they have a non-profit organization which works to offer treatments to those patients who can not afford it. Hashmanis Hospital aspires to treat every individual regardless of their background or inability to pay.

How can technology leverage the health sector?

Arsalan Hashmani is in all support of technology and endorses any such practices that take the tech forward. He elaborates that technology can benefit by advancing the treatment for starters. It can provide latest equipment that can make treatment convenient and more effective. Secondly, another essential use of technology can be to build database. Technology can integrate various branches of hospitals. For instance, the physician can view the patients record digitally through the database. Different software and ERP systems have proved to be beneficial for the health sector.

Arsalan Hashmani believes that the health structure of Pakistan is damaged. The hospitals have to manage resources and other aspects themselves. The quality of doctors is not up to the mark. There is another retention issue with credible and experienced doctors. Situations in government hospitals are worse, which indicates the measures our government takes to improve health sector. All hospitals are facing these challenges and all of them are dealing on their own.

About TECH Pakistan

TECH Pakistan is a great initiative to bring different industries on one platform. ‘i am attracted towards it mostly because of the people behind this initiative’, Arsalan added. He showed appreciation at the hard work of TECH Pakistan of fostering our industry to harness.

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