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‘Apricart’ launches Pak’s 1st hybrid e-commerce store


In a ground-breaking move, Apricart launched Pakistan’s first-ever hybrid e-commerce store as its contribution to a sustainable online grocery industry.

Apricart, Pakistan’s fast-growing online grocery business, has taken yet another exciting leap toward revolutionizing the retail industry, with Pakistan’s first-ever hybrid hub for groceries. The latest introduction of an unprecedented shopping model will continue to propel Apricart towards its vision of enabling the masses of Pakistan to embrace more efficient ways to shop for their groceries.

Despite accelerated growth in e-grocery shopping due to Covid, the Pakistani market is not at par with global trends. Customers have become habitual with crowded supermarkets and long check-out queues. With rising grocery inflation, grocery bills are consuming a significant share of the wallet!

So, the masses are cautious in adopting e-trends with low trust levels in new brands. Especially the ones with which there is limited to no physical exposure, and understandably so!

For all these people, Apricart’s hybrid Click & Collect Store is presenting a perfect solution. Conceptually, Click & Collect allows buyers to order from home and collect from stores but Apricart Click& Collect goes a step beyond. It offers a physical store for the customers to walk in, interact with the team and experience the store. As usual, place their orders online guided by well-trained staff. And collect their orders within the same visit in under 15 minutes.

The hybrid nature of the store is in design to spell out the appeal and convenience of e-commerce platforms for the masses through repeated exposure, pulling them towards the futuristic ways of catering to their grocery shopping needs.

Apricart CEO, Mr. Khalid Memon commented on this fresh accolade for his startup,
“This is truly the first hybrid e-commerce model shopping experience in Pakistan. We have designed a hybrid model specifically to help accelerate transitioning of the masses towards online grocery shopping. And contribute towards promoting the e-commerce ecosystem in Pakistan.”

This facility comes in addition to the option of home delivery, and placing prior orders at Click & Collect to be picked up at pre-selected time slots through Apricart mobile app, to ensure ‘Khuwari, Mehengai, aur Waqt ki Bachat!’ The customers can also visit Apricart Click & Collect Store for an item exchange, return, and refund.

It is the kind of convenience that people have never seen before, and that too is right in your local neighborhood!

Addressing a panel discussion at Zindigi Future Fest, he mentioned
“Sustainability is at the core of our day-to-day operations. We keep a close view of our strategic goal of providing affordable groceries to the masses. With growing inflation, consumer purchasing trend is an amalgamation of conscious and economic buying with convenient shopping experiences.”

Apricart Click & Collect Store stocks the entire range of Apricart’s exclusive staples brand, Jehan, offering a wide variety of high-quality rice, pulses, sugar, salt, and spices at highly affordable rates, reinforcing Apricart’s commitment to continue appealing to the masses with its e-grocery solution.

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