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APPTAK – Appka order ab AppTak, Pura Pakistan

APPTAK makes ordering easier and more reliable with full visibility and 24/7 order placement in Pakistan.


Consumers these days have become more conscious of the environment than ever before, and for the right reasons. With the increasing popularity of e-commerce stores, a rising number of people are turning to online shopping. Especially, in recent years, e-commerce has enjoyed a massive boost from the rise of smartphones, which allow consumers to shop from nearly anywhere.

Ecommerce portals are online platforms where buyer-seller trading transactions are conducted. Manufacturers and distributors launch e-commerce portals to transit their buyers to an online channel. Primarily, web portals make ordering easier and more reliable, with full visibility and 24/7 order placement. Suppliers, for example, can receive orders via their online portal, offering automatic status updates and other functions as required. This allows businesses to make transactions more efficient and effective, no matter the size of the order or the customer. Going beyond a simple eCommerce option, a portal solution delivers a more professional and smooth business experience for all parties.

As E-Commerce represents the spirit of convenience due to the ease of transaction it brings along and makes people’s lives easy, Muller & Phipps Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. (“M&P”) – the largest distribution house in Pakistan, developed APPTAK to aid not just their customers, but their very valuable employees while maintaining all the standards for social procedure as per their values

APPTAK, an e-commerce web portal, makes ordering easier and more reliable with full visibility and 24/7 order placement. This website is exclusively launched as a project for online order booking of Healthcare, Consumer, Pharmaceutical, and Telecommunication products; available in M & P’s portfolio as an authorized distributor.

This eCommerce store has successfully achieved a sale of more than 1.2 billion(B2B) in mere 8 months of the launch of the customer application and the AppTak website and mobile application have achieved more than 10,000 orders with 105+ million worth of sales (B2C). With a large e-commerce network, it has significantly covered customers from several backgrounds be it businesses or end-consumers.

With the very capable logistics force, the e-commerce portal has managed to deliver orders in due time to more than 950 locations nationwide. To ensure that their customers receive exactly what they were promised they used effective inventory management software and perfect storage conditions with no disappointments. They minimized distances and promised happiness.

Muller & Phipps Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

With a vision to minimize distance and promise happiness to its customers by providing the highest levels of services, M&P is one of the leading and largest companies operating in Pakistan, primarily deals in the Sales & Distribution business of Healthcare, Consumer, Pharmaceutical, and Telecommunication products and logistic services through M&P Logistics. The company has a nationwide network and operates more than 120 + premises from where products are stored and supplied at the doorstep of our customers.

The company has a nationwide presence, having 5000+ dedicated professionals, stationed at 89+ locations, reaching across 950+ towns and cities across the country via 7+ warehouses, 50+ shared depots and 900+ owned vans to ensure this is answered well. Its services include Logistics & Distribution, Cold Chain, Sales, Marketing, and Information Technology.

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