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ACCA chooses Rashid Khan as its Global Campaign Manager


ACCA assigns Rashid Khan, a marketing and communications expert from Pakistan as its global campaign manager. He is responsible for leading all of the organization’s high-value, international B2B and B2G initiatives. As well as promoting the organization’s top-notch continuous learning solutions. The purpose of these solutions is to help organizations develop their potential and be ready for the future.

A second portfolio assigns him to lead marketing and communication initiatives for ACCA in the entire Asia Pacific area. This includes significant markets like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Pakistan, in addition to his worldwide job.

With a presence in more than 178 countries and territories. ACCA is the top organization for professional accountants around the globe. Rashid’s hiring is just another example of how major international companies value Pakistani experts’ skills and entrust them with crucial duties.

Rashid is a skilled strategic communicator who has a great enthusiasm for developing campaigns that humanize companies. Furthermore, his campaigns motivate good deeds and promote inclusive, sustainable economic success. He has a master’s degree in mass communication and a long history of multifaceted, effective communication initiatives.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a global professional accounting organization that was established in 1904, is the source of the Chartered Certified Accountant designation. Worldwide, it has 233,000 members and 536,000 potential members. The ACCA’s main administrative office is located in Glasgow, while its headquarters are in London.

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